Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Mat. Emily blogged about making
Sour Cream Apple Pie
this past weekend.

The thoughts running through my head
as I read what the recipe consisted of:
I don't need to make a crust and I have one frozen
pie crust waiting to be used!
Mr. Husband would love this 
I have just found THE pie recipe for my next dinner party
that and
Thank God for Mat. Emily's blog.

So Mr. Husband helped me with the pie.
Even though he had a million things to do,
he cut up the apples.

I made the topping first as it needed to be chilled.

I knew once I saw that this recipe called for
sour cream that the pie was bound to be

The mixture of eggs, flour, spices and sour cream
was easy to mix up!

We used 5 apples; next time I plan on using 6...

It was nice to be able to use my whisk again!

The apples were easily coated with this wonderful

I had a pre-made crust that I got out at the last minute
and carefully transferred to the glass pie dish.
I was really glad that I did this as
it helped the pie 'expand' a bit which
was just right for the amount of apples and cream!

The topping was super easy;
just separate it while it is still chilled,

Place evenly on top and bake!

I followed the instructions and put the pie on a
pan, which is a great idea for any possible spills!
The pie fell a bit over night before
Mr. Husband and I brought it to church,
which is why I am thinking of using 6 apples next time!
It was loved by many,
Mr. Husband declared it his new
favourite apple pie
and all at church who ate it and knew I baked it
said it was marvelous.
I said it was all thanks to Mat. Emily's posting the recipe!
Just in time for a great dessert addition to our
after liturgy meals!

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Keeping this recipe bookmarked, thank you!