Friday, November 01, 2013

St. John of Rila and St. John of Kronstadt

St. John of Rila 
has long been a special saint to me
as he is beloved of my Ottawa parish.
Both are really not that long to read! 

St. John of Kronstadt was named for St. John of Rila.
Here is a small autobiography he wrote.
St. John also wrote a much beloved book,
which I read part of at my dear sister-friend's house
some years ago and that Mr. Husband has...
that is on my 'to be read' pile.
Both are wonderful intercessors for us!
Blessed St. John(s)'s Day! 

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Martha said...

Thank you for sharing about St. John of Rila. ♥ I know about St. John of Kronstadt and have a copy of My Life in Christ (I think it belongs to my parents). I plan to read it soon.