Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"You should blog this"

So last week I made bread.

Some plans changed on us and
a lot of the bread went to things other than what
was planned.
One was to church yesterday.
I had the surprise of one of my fellow parishioners saying
this bread is so good, like Jordanville bread.
I commented, as I was sitting by her table,
that I had brought it and that it was one I baked
and that it was so easy.
I was pleased and surprised,
as the bread was simple and some of it even tore as
I got it off the pizza stone.
Anyway, here is the recipe and method for it
for anyone who wishes to know or be reminded.
Mr. Husband and I's portion of the
vegan brownie cookies are gone.
Mr. Husband loves them.
Folks, I have found a winner.

I love our weekend meals.
Cozy and lovely.

A salad, a few carrots, some bread, PB for me,
bananas.  Typical fare at our house.

We love our bread toasted.

I also made a curry last Thursday which
we then enjoyed all weekend,
with some alterations for fasting Friday.
By Saturday Mr. Husband told me about this curry
that "you should blog this."
It had half of cup of cream.
I made papadums in the microwave.

So the curry was a scrimp curry.

With lots of rice on the side.

It was very simple.

From this cookbook.
Combine spices (the mustard I used was grey poupon, grainy).
Heat oil (I used more than 3 tbs corn oil,
pretty much covered the
bottom of my cast iron fry pan), I did not have mustard seeds.
I fried the garlic and ginger,
added spice paste (spices with 2 tbs water), fried quickly
(about 15 seconds),
added the lone tomato I had...
I think I put this all on low; I did not have spinach;
I added the scrimp after Mr. Husband got home, added the cream at the end;
I know it was more than a half cup liquid at the end;
I am wondering if the scrimp had water in them
which made more.
Mr. Husband loved it.
Mr. Husband used to live with Indian roommates and
has a taste for Indian food.
So when he told me that I should blog the recipe/about
this curry, I knew that I had made a successful curry.
Now the question is if I can make it again!
So much going on.
Our prayer list keeps growing as the days
go on...
I am hoping to go to a monastery this weekend.
Then lots of family visits and such things will be happening.
I think it fair to say that both Mr. Husband and I
are still a bit anxious about falling ill again,
esp. as I was ill from Feb-August with mono.
Asking your prayers as we all go into a busy season...
(reblogged today as the pictures failed to load properly yesterday)


Matushka Anna said...

Ok, now I'm hungry! (c;

Martha said...

Do you take elderberry? We started taking the tablets (you can get syrup or tea) and it seems to have helped. I also take Vitamin C (I'm sure you know). And drink LOTs and lots of fluids, water and hot tea with a bit of honey.

E Helena E said...

Nice to see the photos today! Am praying for you for good, stable health.

Rebekah Markewich said...

Oh, I wish you would visit St Tikhons! :)