Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cozy Slipper Goodness for this Week's Yarn Along!

I am making two pairs of slippers for
the Christmas holidays.

These are my cozy Christmas slippers!

I am making them for my sister!
A young boy from church,
who tells me that he is almost 6 now
(he has about half a year to go) saw these
and mentioned that he would love
red and green Christmas coloured slippers
for Christmas too. :)
So I am aiming to get some more yarn so
I can do just that!
I am done with the body of the slippers for
my brother-in-law.
My goal is to knit
the body of all 4 slippers, which you can see I am
nearly there from the top pictures,
and then need to do the toes and finishing.
I am reading so many books right now!
One that I started about a month or so back is
Like a Pelican in the Wilderness:
Reflections on the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.
I am reading this as part of my morning reading
and do about a page or so a day.
It is a very profound book and one
that I have to really pay attention to in reading it.
This book was the gift my Ottawa spiritual father gave me
before I got married;
He knew I had wanted the book for some time,
as years ago I heard part of a later chapter in the book,
on St. Moses the Black,
read at lunch time at Holy Dormition Monastery.
I remember sitting listening to Mother M. read it
and knew that I wanted to hear more.
I found that it took a good year after I was married,
esp. with last year's hurricane sandy and then
my getting mono,
to get settled enough inwardly and in routine
to begin reading it.
It is a very good read for me at this point in my life,
especially as the book discusses the monastic life and shows
how married people cannot do or be the same
but the principles themselves hold for both.
I find this book to be very helpful,
esp. when read in smaller doses
so that the words have time,
if I am willing,
to settle into my mind and
I hope even deeper than this.
What a blessing to have books to nourish us
and crafts like knitting to give us
practical ways to create and, we hope,
bless others with the creation!
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Donna said...

That's a great pattern. I made a bunch of them a few years ago for Christmas presents. Happy knitting!

Rosemary said...

Those slippers are going to be wonderfully cozy! Good for you getting a head start on Christmas knitting. :)

GrannyAnnie said...

I love making these! I have been making them, in all sizes, for nearly 30 years! But I have always made them on straight needles. I like the way you used the circulars. And that you used two pairs. I always hate completely finishing one, then having to start all over.

Apseed said...

I'm absolutely in love with your choice of color! Stunning!
I think they will look even more festive with pom-poms.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have a pattern for slippers and convertible "glitens" (fingerless gloves which can be capped to turn into mittens)saved on my computer and after NaNoWriMo, I will be knitting in earnest :-)

karen said...

I like the way you are doing all the slippers, you'll be done in no time and they will be loved. I've been reading one book during the day and one at night. The night one is taking longer because I fall asleep while reading :)