Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lent Day 18 ~ quiet, rest and reading

I was really surprisingly tired today.
So I rested and read.
what an important read. 
The Christian heroism and ways we can live that
are redeeming to us and the world, much to think about. 
We went to the diner again tonight and shared our french fries :)
Found some really neat things, some of which
found via a friend ....
the podcast that alerted me to it also said the book in Greek
that is is from is being translated into English,
I am so glad! 
This is always good to listen to, a road map for us.
Pancakes I would love to make someday.
I am thinking that I need to re-read Elizabeth Gougde's 
The Dean's Watch in part to read about
the woman in it who learns to love.
And that was Lent day 18! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lent Day 17 ~ how quickly the days pass

We are making progress!
Mr Husband was able to work a full day at home.
We are still coughing some, but it is not as congested now!
I enjoyed leftover lentil soup from the diner + fries for lunch.
I was able to do laundry, some family paperwork
and reorganized our main shelf in the linen closet
(I feel like every time I open that closet door,
somehow all the towels have gotten disheveled again).
It's Mr Husband's birthday soon.
I am dreaming of BAKING...
birthday cake for Mr Husband
I asked my beloved Mr Husband what he wants for his 
birthday meal... 
he's informed me that he wishes to have 
shellfish for dinner....
Any suggestions on what to make with shellfish?
Well, hoping that tomorrow will find us another step towards
full health again!
My Grandma still is not over her own sinus infection - 
please say a prayer for her.
I am so thankful for all that we have been given!
Well, that's Lent day 17!

Blanket Progress and Impressive Video

My blanket is progressing! 
I need to knit more green squares before I can continue,
but I have sewn on another row of squares on!
I have read about the persecutions that went on in
Romania under Communism but to see footage of
Richard Wurmbrand speaking of it
after and how deeply Christ was present in the midst 
of such horrors was very moving.
I also recently finished
Elizabeth Goudge's Island Magic - a beautiful first novel for
Elizabeth Goudge, you can see a lot of the themes of her later ones in this one.
and Scott Cairns's Short Trip to the Edge - I think my favourite line from this is when
he narrates that a Monk was asked by (probably protestant?) if he had a 
personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Monk said:
"Nope. I like to share Him."... 
I enjoyed reading about Scott's travels to Greece and Mt Athos.
What are you reading/watching and creating?
Yarn Along with us!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lent Day 16 ~ back and forth

It seems that we are going back in forth
between feeling a bit better and being quite fatigued again.
However, I worked on my blanket and watched a video
on Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand
that was quite good.
We made it to our favourite diner for dinner,
our first time out since we were both ill!
We saw one of the waitresses who is Orthodox
and asked us how it is going and
was so encouraging about our illness and
that God knows and understands. 
Lots to be thankful for...
I am trying to be grateful for what this illness has given me:
lots of time with Mr Husband,
time that is a joy....
And that is Lent day 16!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Lent Day 15 ~ a quiet day

Praise and Patience:
that is what I decided it seems I am to learn during this Lent.
We are slowly getting back to normal things.
Mr Husband managed to work some today at home.
I made roast vegetables, first thing I have 'cooked' since
before Mr Husband was ill and then myself.
This Sunday we will be halfway through Lent already.
My hope is that I can go to presanctified on Wednesday.
Lent day 15 is one for the books.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lent Day 14

A quiet day resting at home.
I am getting much better, though had a nap.
Mr Husband is still quite congested - please pray for him that
he will have the strength to begin work again,
even if only half days. 
I read a great deal more of 
A Short Trip to the Edge,
finished reading out loud 
GK Chesterton's Autobiography
and talked with my Mom...
they had a good Easter, 
though my Grandma Ruth is congested and ears are 
plugged to a degree that hearing is impaired. 
Please pray for her too!
Blessed Easter who all celebrated today! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lent Day 13 ~ up and down

I finished reading Elizabeth Goudge's Island Magic. 
It was beautiful....
This morning Mr Husband and I slept, mostly.
We are congested in the chest and were so tired.

I watched the movie "Annie" in the afternoon....was feeling a bit more restless...
After dinner, I was struggling a bit with just being here for so long without much 
stimulation and Mr Husband cheered me up,
and then, I ended up cleaning the two bathrooms,
having a wonderful bath, doing the dishwasher and finding 
the spiral wreath and trying the new candles in it,
they fit; I am pleased. 

I would like to move this to the kitchen Island as it's just 
a little too precarious here, 
if I am to light a candle anyway. 
I may also try this wreath on our middle of our table. 
We will see what I have time and energy for tomorrow.
We are resting up one more day, and by Monday
I should not at all be contagious from what I read.
My hope is to go to presanctified liturgy on Wednesday night and begin 
anew.... I think it will be sometime before we fully regain our strenght,
but I am hoping that we will both continue to heal....
And so ends Lent day 13.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Lent Day 12 ~ Some Light

I awoke to birdsong, waking again on the living-room couch.
A much simpler, less humorous but more joyful way to wake
that the morning before!

I got a very big candle order in.
Took all I had to get them up the stairs,
the UPS man refusing to do so himself. 
I found myself quite spent afterwards and took some rest
before opening the two boxes and putting them away.
as you see them here. 

It rained suddenly while Mr Husband and I were sitting in the living-room together. 
A quick, hard driving rain.
I told him that for the Western World it is Good Friday,
that the world must cry too.

In the early evening light,
the deep golden colour of the candles and tulips blended brightly,
giving such cheer to me. 

New candles, one lit, burning strong...

I loved how bright it burned when I would look at it
from the couch.
Mr. Husband is getting a further medicine tomorrow, God willing.
He slept again, thank God and was still quite exhausted,
but more verbal at night and more up for teasing me as usual,
so that is a very good sign.
Thank God I did not have a nose-dripping deluge like I had last night.
Still quite congested, but I finally had more of an appetite come dinner time.
We read the second to the last chapter of GK Chesterton's autobiography
tonight and enjoyed it, laughing and learning.
Prayers were listened to again on MP3 and when were done, 
Mr. Husband got up and when he returned, he said we 
had mistakenly listened to the morning ones and had to do evening prayers after.
Was quietly funny, in a happy sort of way for me.
I am trying to take it one day at a time;
I can tell I am still quite drained from the sickness and not fully over
the sickness itself, as the sinus congestion is still strong.
So the need for patience and not over doing it is even stronger.
I am over halfway through Island Magic now and am savouring every bit,
reading it eagerly, with a deep attention and love.
And that was Lent day 12.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lent Day 11 for 2016

A long day...
Begun at 6 AM with Cleo delicately 
seeking to expunge her inwards on the rug,
and I not so delicately swinging her once again off the rug
to the wood floor,
easier to clean,
and WHAM. I hit Cleo's legs on the card table leg.
I felt SO BAD. 
And then she proceed to continuing a small expunging.
Tonight she had a moment of walking really strangely,
but I hope that was just a fluke,
and that I did not in anyway injure her.
She had showed no signs of injury
afterwards, etc. 
I will be vigilant, no worries. 
Well, other than that not so propitious beginning, 
this day had some lovely things within it...
Dear local friends brought us rations of more instant soup,
mandarin oranges and the cutest little orchid! (first picture by the icon of Archangel Micheal).
By the time we were done with a late breakfast and prayers, it was late and lunch was had,
then naps and off to the doctors and pharmacy, the later part taking 2 hours I think.
We left at 2:30 and returned at 5:30.
I think we both felt the worse for it; 
tired and congested.
Mr. Husband has a new thing for sleep
and I a nasal spray.
Thrilling I tell you.
No sarcasm of course...! ;)
I took a picture of myself waiting for the doctor
while reading and listening to classic FM on my phone,
that was a lovely moment in time,
and I had a thermos of wonderful tea to drink.
Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending was playing. 

I wore pink and a favourite pink scarf and 
suede brown jacket...
Tonight after dinner I managed to sanitize the 
'Island' counter top, the stove and our dining room table,
which was in sore need of it.
I hope to do more cleaning tomorrow,
I had forgotten how horrid it is living with a feeling of
and reality of filth that is unending because of sickness.
I will rest too, though and only do what I can.
I was having a bit of a hard time feeling cooped up,
this really being day 7 of Mr Husband feeling ill
and day 4 of my illness....clearly I am a wimp at these sort of things...
however, meditating on the first 2 chapters of Elizabeth Goudge's
Island Magic helped me regain my inward footing. 
It's such a lovely read.
And that was Lent, day 11.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lent Day 10

This day began with discouragement,
we felt we had taken a step back in health...
The best thing about today is that Mr Husband fell asleep
in the late afternoon.
He looked so peaceful, sleeping after no sleep for many many hours.
He still needs a lot more sleep, but we felt like it was a miracle that he fell asleep when he did. 
I may have an ear infection; 
will go to doctor tomorrow.
Husband is going too, about the sleep issues.
Mr. Husband is slowly rallying, he felt better, while exhausted,
we got a bit of laundry done,
cleaned off the kitchen counter,
Mr. Husband sat upright for prayers for first time all week,
And Mr Husband joked around for a bit,
which in normal life he does all the time...
We managed to wash all of our teapots and used other things as teapots
while they were thankful for dishwashers and the
'sanitize' cycle! 
I am thankful for all of that...
and I am slowly reading Elizabeth Goudge's 
and it is so wonderful....
And that's Lent day 10!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lent Day 9

A quiet day at home
with fellow sick-mate Mr Husband.
Husband is plying me with liquids. 
He had another night of no much that his vision is not
fully stable anymore... 4 nights out of 5 (at least) of no sleep for him... :(
We are managing to keep the dishwasher going once/day and
are trying to keep up with what is most important.
I think my fever broke this morning, as I was told years ago by my 
Ottawa spiritual father that once one has a huge sweat, the fever has broken...
[Edited to add, fever came back, keeping it real...]
Still having other symptoms,, but when I think of the suffering of others,
I am trying to be quiet (well as quiet as talkative me can be).
Read about the sufferings of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. So moving. 
I figured out that Cleo would be less likely to go on the dining room table
if the chairs were moved away.... I was right!
It's such a good book.
We had a delivery of meds for Mr Husband, ice juice pops and yellow tulips!
The kindness of others moves me deeply.
Mr. Husband found this Akathist online,
and we listened to it tonight;
just hearing the rhythm and words of non-pithy praise, hope, and trust
was good to have wash over us... 

There is nothing better than to have the words and songs of the Church
wash over one and keep one company in quiet... a solace.
We thank God that we are at least together in this sickness.
Thanksgiving is a door to salvation as it can bring humility...
oh that it would just a little bit to us!
That is Lent day 9...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lent Day 8 ~ Influenza B for me

Late last night,
I came down with symptoms just like Mr. Husband had 
when he was just getting sick.
I called a nurse and she said to go to a doctor within the hour....
so off I went back to where we had been with Mr Husband the day before.
Influenza B for me! Was hoping I would not get it but... least so far it is not bacterial and I don't have bronchitis with it. 
So lots of meds and teas and juices...
Cleo has been having a hard time of it,
last night I locked her in the hall bathroom (with her loo and water) 
because I was trying to sleep in living-room and she was
up on the table sniffing the tea pots!
More than once!
Later she was begging for our food.
Poor thing, can't get a break. :)
I am trying to focus on the positives:
*health insurance 
*tea and more tea
*Mr. Husband is still really tired, but rallying.
He is talking more (he was not talking much when 
really sick, and if you know him well, know he is quite verbal)
*Mr. Husband made me tea today and now we are caring for each other 
since both of us are sick.
He's a sweetie and I love him!

Also...I liked this soup, the rice noodles did not fully 
re-hydrate and the tofu did not at all
but I liked it and am just glad to have things that I want to eat.
Not as easy when sick!
No worries, I am not at all keeping a strict Lenten fast
while sick, FYI. :)
Well, that's day 8 of the Lenten fast this year.
I am seeking to remain thankful, 
though I am not perfect at it... 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lent Day 7 ~ Influenza B and Bronchitis

Last night Mr Husband realized that his
illness had become bacterial 
and when I woke in the morning,
he told me that he would be going to the doctor that day.
I went off to liturgy,
after getting things he needed and documenting his symptoms with him,
and taking his temperature, which was still in fever but 1 degree F less.
I was really glad for my local church for liturgy.
I went back quickly to Mr Husband at the end of liturgy,
got food for us to eat and then we went off to a local
urgent care clinic, where we were for the next 2+ hours.
And so now we know that Mr Husband has
Influenza B and Bronchitis. 
He is now on various meds.
I am quite tired but thank God not sick -- yet, at any rate.
I am learning what it must be like to be a 
Mother of a young child - 
so many things you must do for them when they are 
unable to do it for themselves.
It's hard to find time to eat, not to mention rest!
I was able to go to a health food store in our old town,
which is quite close by, 
and stocked up on more things for illness,
the juice that my sister-in-law swears by,
soup (fast friendly too! dairy with a chest infection like
Mr Husband has would be a bad idea) that is ready to make
and organic, and more teas for respiratory support.
We were both relieved that Mr Husband does not have 
pneumonia and he is on antibiotics, tamiflu, and two types of 
and his fever is decreasing and his appetite increasing.... 
I am praying that I do not fall ill...
I have a pile of laundry the size of a small mountain and
all my clean washcloths are somewhere in the bottom part of this
looming pile.... 
If God so grants, tomorrow I will do laundry and 
if I can, make a simple vegetable soup....
Well, that's it for Lent day 7....
Pray for us!