Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blanket Progress and Impressive Video

My blanket is progressing! 
I need to knit more green squares before I can continue,
but I have sewn on another row of squares on!
I have read about the persecutions that went on in
Romania under Communism but to see footage of
Richard Wurmbrand speaking of it
after and how deeply Christ was present in the midst 
of such horrors was very moving.
I also recently finished
Elizabeth Goudge's Island Magic - a beautiful first novel for
Elizabeth Goudge, you can see a lot of the themes of her later ones in this one.
and Scott Cairns's Short Trip to the Edge - I think my favourite line from this is when
he narrates that a Monk was asked by (probably protestant?) if he had a 
personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Monk said:
"Nope. I like to share Him."... 
I enjoyed reading about Scott's travels to Greece and Mt Athos.
What are you reading/watching and creating?
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karen said...

your blanket is progressing quite nicely!! I enjoy seeing you add squares every week.

Paula said...

The blanket's looking good!

steph said...

that is one big huggable HUG!!! good job!

Becki said...

What great book and video recommends, Elizabeth. And your blanket is coming along really well. The colors are rich and go so well together.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love your recommends!
How big do you envisage your lovely blanket becoming? My Helen is busily crocheting a double-bed size blanket for a friend - it has taken several months already, and is maybe a third finished.