Thursday, March 10, 2016

On the Verge

My husband pointed out that yesterday
we were exactly half way to 7 years of marriage.
NJ Transit may be going on strike,
this would cause a lot of struggle and distress to people here,
as thousands depend on the trains to get into NYC,
where they work, go to school, etc.
We are just days away from Great Lent.
I worry for my local Orthodox friends who I know
who may have a difficult time getting to work,
or church if the transit strike happens.
I was going to have tea today with a dear church friend,
but woke in the early hours of the day 
with a sore throat and
felt it best to cancel, 
as I have been more tired this week than some weeks...
With the weather doing crazy fluctuations, 
I have, like many, felt like sickness could be
just around the corner.
I am watching, for I think the first time,
Out of Africa 
and the line about how the world is round so we
can't see what is around the corner
comes to mind.
(She falls very ill for a while after this).
Ever since I had mono a few years ago,
I am more careful, as I believe part of the reason I got
mono is that I would not slow down and rest
when my body was showing the first signs of 
either illness or burnout.
I had to learn that while I am in an increasingly rare 
situation, of not having to work outside the home,
I too, with the many other things I do,
(Sunday School Director, Bookstore Manager,
Housekeeper, Quilter, Friend to Mothers and Children),
can burn out and for whatever reason,
am not always given the amount of physical strength that
I would of liked.
We humans are fragile beings who think
we are so strong and can make something of this world,
but the land alone, when houses are abandoned,
will take them over. 
We are dust, but we are dust made by God
and loved by Him.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You are wise to slow down and rest, to avoid further problems. My prayers for all affected by the proposed strike.

GretchenJoanna said...

The feeling of our weakness and limitations is a great beginning for Great Lent. May your journey to Pascha be full of grace!