Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lent Day 9

A quiet day at home
with fellow sick-mate Mr Husband.
Husband is plying me with liquids. 
He had another night of no sleep...so much that his vision is not
fully stable anymore... 4 nights out of 5 (at least) of no sleep for him... :(
We are managing to keep the dishwasher going once/day and
are trying to keep up with what is most important.
I think my fever broke this morning, as I was told years ago by my 
Ottawa spiritual father that once one has a huge sweat, the fever has broken...
[Edited to add, fever came back, keeping it real...]
Still having other symptoms,, but when I think of the suffering of others,
I am trying to be quiet (well as quiet as talkative me can be).
Read about the sufferings of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. So moving. 
I figured out that Cleo would be less likely to go on the dining room table
if the chairs were moved away.... I was right!
It's such a good book.
We had a delivery of meds for Mr Husband, ice juice pops and yellow tulips!
The kindness of others moves me deeply.
Mr. Husband found this Akathist online,
and we listened to it tonight;
just hearing the rhythm and words of non-pithy praise, hope, and trust
was good to have wash over us... 

There is nothing better than to have the words and songs of the Church
wash over one and keep one company in quiet... a solace.
We thank God that we are at least together in this sickness.
Thanksgiving is a door to salvation as it can bring humility...
oh that it would just a little bit to us!
That is Lent day 9...

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Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

I hope you are both soon feeling better! I am fighting a cold and hoping it will not turn into worse - awkward time of year when the seasons are changing and weather fluctuates so much. Thank you for sharing the Walsingham video! I hadn't seen this one before, and it's nice to hear Mp Kallistos' familiar beautiful voice - and from the photos, the people at the kliros are all people I love, and love to sing with :)