Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lent Day 3

Took forever to fall asleep last night,
am wondering if Chess later at night wakes me in ways
that I can't 'come down' from quickly.
I am thinking about how to better balance things.
I find it hard to do when I have insomnia and am exhausted.
In the end, I had a long nap and had to accept the limitations on the day.
However, the book 
Short Trip to the Edge continued for me and I am waking to it's 
charm and story, I think I found a winner.
I am also writing a list of books that I see as books for
comfort, solace and fortitude that
I need to remember to read more often.
Before I that said nap,
I made roasted vegetables for lunch.

Did it my traditional way using garlic, carrots, potatoes,
golden beets and a red onion; avocado oil, oregano and rosemary.
I am now out of onions and am so glad I have
a grocery delivery service;
I plan on getting groceries delivered on Saturday DV.
I am so grateful for this!
And for this book:

I got this book years ago (2007?) after a blogger reviewed it favorably, I think it was Deb's blog,
but could not find her review of it; I can't remember if I read it for more than 1 Lent, though in my mind it remained the perfect Lenten book. I am reading it again this year....
a real blessing...

My friend gave me the leftover carrot and orange juice.
We went to the Canon of St Andrew again last night
and later Mr Husband fixed a shower drain that suddenly stopped draining
and that was Lent Day Three. 

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Nancy McCarroll said...

Please share your book list for comfort and solace, or at least email me at nmccarroll at as I need something to read aloud to Julie that has value in it other than what I've read to her so far. Thanks!