Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lent Day 10

This day began with discouragement,
we felt we had taken a step back in health...
The best thing about today is that Mr Husband fell asleep
in the late afternoon.
He looked so peaceful, sleeping after no sleep for many many hours.
He still needs a lot more sleep, but we felt like it was a miracle that he fell asleep when he did. 
I may have an ear infection; 
will go to doctor tomorrow.
Husband is going too, about the sleep issues.
Mr. Husband is slowly rallying, he felt better, while exhausted,
we got a bit of laundry done,
cleaned off the kitchen counter,
Mr. Husband sat upright for prayers for first time all week,
And Mr Husband joked around for a bit,
which in normal life he does all the time...
We managed to wash all of our teapots and used other things as teapots
while they were thankful for dishwashers and the
'sanitize' cycle! 
I am thankful for all of that...
and I am slowly reading Elizabeth Goudge's 
and it is so wonderful....
And that's Lent day 10!

1 comment:

Paula said...

Hope it's not an ear infection! Take it easy only do what you HAVE to do. It will all still be there when you get better :) Hugs!