Tuesday, March 08, 2016

As we go towards Lent...

I was talking to an older woman,
the daughter of the Matushka who I used to visit,
and she said that when the Catholic Easter was greatly before
our Easter, the Orthodox Pascha as it is, 
that Lent would seem very long.
Already I am seeing advertisements from my grocer
for Easter Meal preparations,
and here we are not yet in Lent,
indeed only in Butter Week.
Next week it all begins,
the Canon of St Andrew daily and at the end of the week,
a presanctified liturgy. 
I am thankful for Lent.
I have mainly been looking forward to it,
but that is in part because I am dreaming of Pascha,
of Bright Week, of white colours, pinks, purples, beautiful blue, 
a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a happy moment of time. 
At first I was feeling a bit guilty for dreaming of Pascha and Bright Week 
when at the outset of Lent,
but then I realized that no, this is not wrong,
it is merely the motivating force:
Heaven itself is our goal, heaven being where we are filled with God,
with His love, with His Holy Spirit, 
where our communion with God is unbroken and we are never
outside the tangible experience and reality of His love.
It is Christ that we are after and longing to meet.
It is Christ on Holy Pascha that is the point and goal of Lent.
It is to meet Him, to be with Him,
to go through the Cross, yes, but to go throughout it because
it is the way to His Resurrection. 
How dearly we need this.
And so, no matter the fear I may feel,
or the realization of how last year's Lent was,
wtih Mr Husband's godson dying on Great and Holy Friday,
I need Lent because I need Pascha.
It is Christ, He is the One we need. 

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Rosemary said...

Very beautiful insight.

I find that with Easter baskets and such--at least the way I want my kids to remember them!--I have to start thinking about Easter very early too, and yet it does help me to focus, to prepare.