Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lent Day 6 ~ Mr Husband is ill

From the presanctified last night.
Mr. Husband was already not feeling well.

This morning I lit a blessed candle for him.

And set up icons so he could see them when resting on his armchair.
As you can see, I am not a minimalist! :) 
He really fell ill today, fever, the whole works.
Neither of us have had much sleep the last 2 nights.

I was relieved to still have some of the box of 
throat coat tea I had gotten earlier.
I went to the store before vespers and stocked up on more tea.

I am hoping I don't fall ill also,
but at least we are now well stocked if we do.
I am really weary.
It takes a lot of work to care for someone who is sick!
Please pray for us!
And that is Lent Day 6....


Nancy McCarroll said...

That can easily go into pneumonia, that fever and congestion; keep careful watch if he has trouble getting enough air. Prayers.

Tia said...

I hope he feels better soon! Hoping whatever he has passes by you. Prayers for both of you!

E Helena E said...

Praying for you both!

GretchenJoanna said...

I pray he is a little better today.