Friday, March 18, 2016

Lent Day 5

Day 2 of having Nettle Tea.
I rather overdid it! :)
Today was a day that seemed that we could not 'win' as it were.
While things were accomplished,
Mr. Husband is feeling ill, coughing from massive allergy attack, we are hoping it's only that;
sleep was disrupted 
and the house seems to have not had any work done on it yesterday
cleaning wise.  Nothing serious, just piled up, you know?
The change in social media via IG really threw me off.
I wish social media was not such a part of my day,
as in I had more 'real time friends' but it's one of those
not simple situations.
Soon back to church,
and all the mistakes of the day and struggles, 
they will be nothing compared to just making it to 
the first presanctified liturgy of the year. 


E Helena E said...

I feel that I really understand that last sentence. I was at church this evening also for the first presanctified liturgy. Sending you hugs and prayers for Mr. Husband.

karen said...

I wish I had real friends too. It's difficult at my age and I do like to stay home and knit :) I hope he feels better and it stays allergies!!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Keep on drinking that nettle tea!

Bought the CS Lewis book LETTERS TO AN AMERICAN GIRL and we are 1/4 of the way through it already. Julie did sleep a bit while I was reading, but this was ok.