Monday, March 21, 2016

Lent Day 8 ~ Influenza B for me

Late last night,
I came down with symptoms just like Mr. Husband had 
when he was just getting sick.
I called a nurse and she said to go to a doctor within the hour....
so off I went back to where we had been with Mr Husband the day before.
Influenza B for me! Was hoping I would not get it but... least so far it is not bacterial and I don't have bronchitis with it. 
So lots of meds and teas and juices...
Cleo has been having a hard time of it,
last night I locked her in the hall bathroom (with her loo and water) 
because I was trying to sleep in living-room and she was
up on the table sniffing the tea pots!
More than once!
Later she was begging for our food.
Poor thing, can't get a break. :)
I am trying to focus on the positives:
*health insurance 
*tea and more tea
*Mr. Husband is still really tired, but rallying.
He is talking more (he was not talking much when 
really sick, and if you know him well, know he is quite verbal)
*Mr. Husband made me tea today and now we are caring for each other 
since both of us are sick.
He's a sweetie and I love him!

Also...I liked this soup, the rice noodles did not fully 
re-hydrate and the tofu did not at all
but I liked it and am just glad to have things that I want to eat.
Not as easy when sick!
No worries, I am not at all keeping a strict Lenten fast
while sick, FYI. :)
Well, that's day 8 of the Lenten fast this year.
I am seeking to remain thankful, 
though I am not perfect at it... 


Tia said...

Oh gosh, I was hoping you wouldn't come down with the flu. :( It was really smart to see the doctor right away so God willing, your time with the illness will be short. Praying both of you are better soon!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Yuk. Sorry that you got that flu. But glad you have tea and soup! Feel better soon!

October Rose said...

I hope you feel better soon. :( I guess if one must get the flu, it might as well be in Lent!

Paula said...

It's so hard when you are both sick at the same time. Colin and I got Norwalk flu just after Ella's first Christmas. I called Mom at 5am to rescue Ella and luckily they didn't get it. Colin's mom even had to take him to the hospital for fluid replacement. They wanted to keep him overnight and give him more but he refused so he could come home and keep an eye on me! I'm glad Mr. Husband is feeling a bit better. If you have trouble getting back to food, try some 'Baby Mum-Mum' cookies. They were the only thing we could keep down for days (luckily Ella was starting solids so we had them handy). Feel better soon. Blessings, Paula

E Helena E said...

I am thankful to read this post. Continued prayers for both of your recoveries.