Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lent, Day 2 ~ 2016 ~ Purl Soho, the Canon of St Andrew and friendship

Day 2 started in a much better fashion.
Mr Husband's cab ride was late, so we shared some morning prayer time,
quickly.  I found out the names of the departed from yesterday's tragedy. 
It will be good to light a candle for them in church,
I find this helps focus my 'people prayers' there.

My Sunday School Lenten materials came.
And about lunch time my quilting friend came,
and she made a carrot and orange juice as part of lunch.
I am meaning to make smoothies again and am thinking 
something like this may be in order.

Then we went to Purl Soho, where we admired everything, 
bought fabric for a new purse for me
that my friend will make, (she has an etsy store, more on that later!),
and we convinced ourselves not to buy the store out otherwise! 
Afterwards she went home and I went on to the
oh-so-exciting bi-annual dentist appointment. All was fine. I am thankful that 
Mr Husband and I can have this sort of medical care 2x year. 

We stayed in NYC and went to a local small monastic church for 
I was really tired so we cabbed all the way home.

Later, while drinking mint tea, Mr. Husband beat me in Chess,
my 5th game ever, we think.
I told him that I am willing to keep losing but
need to learn as I do, so 
Mr. Husband and I talked a bit of Chess strategy afterwards.
I told Mr Husband that this is the same 'deal' I made with God after
a dear church friend died...
if I must suffer grief, then I better learn/mature somehow from it or 
I don't want to go through the loss. 
Not that one can really make 'deals' with God,
but I still want this 'deal' to be so.
I am learning that growth is very slow and suffering is sadly needed
at times, if only to try to wake me up spiritually speaking.
This fact has not made me necessarily ready to embrace 
suffering but yet, I hope in God for my salvation.
I am also reading Short Trip to the Edge and some other books
and thinking of various questions regarding health/spiritual health/routine/
discipline and habits. 
Then our small before-bed prayers and subsequent insomnia for me!
And that was day 2 of the beautiful Fast we call
Great Lent. 


Tia said...

"I hope in God for my salvation."

He is our only hope in this crazy world, isn't He?
Thank you for sharing those wise words.

Nancy McCarroll said...

After reading your list, I feel I am getting to know Your sweet soul a it more.

You had quite a day filled with varied activities. To visit Purl Soho must have been an experience. Just going into NYC would intimidate me.

karen said...

Oh purl soho is a pocket of heaven! I was quite inspired while in there :) Tragedies in a neighborhood are awful.

elizabeth said...

Tia - yes!
Nancy ~ Purl Soho is fun! That was my second or third time there, can't remember. Probably second? NYC was a lot to get used to but I like it!
Karen ~ yes, fun! and yes, Tragedies in the neighourhood are awful!