Friday, March 11, 2016

{moments in time} ~ Celebrating 3.5 years of marriage, quietly, together

I made a nice Atlantic salmon dinner for us.

Mr Husband got me 3 red roses, beautiful...

It was a beautiful meal with
Atlantic Salmon,
Baked baguette hot out of the oven, quickly cut
in half so butter could melt in it,
a green salad
and the fruit salad of
strawberries, mandarins and bananas with a delicious topping of:
sour cream - honey - orange juice. 
Mr. Husband said that now we are half way to 7 years of marriage.
7: my favourite number.
May we have this and more years,
as God grants!


Paula said...

You always set such a beautiful table! May you have many, many, many more blessed years together.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How lovely! May you have many, many blessed years!

Martha said...

Mmmm, we haven't had salmon this week, but that looks so good! ♥ I've really had eggs and milk and butter (pancakes and French toast) too much this week.

karen said...

happy 3.5 anniversary to you two love birds :) beautiful table setting and may you be blessed with lots and lots of years together.

E Helena E said...

Many years to you both!! Lovely to celebrate this way.

Tia said...

Many *more* happy, healthy and blessed years to you and your husband! Your celebration looks absolutely lovely.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary. :)