Friday, March 25, 2016

Lent Day 12 ~ Some Light

I awoke to birdsong, waking again on the living-room couch.
A much simpler, less humorous but more joyful way to wake
that the morning before!

I got a very big candle order in.
Took all I had to get them up the stairs,
the UPS man refusing to do so himself. 
I found myself quite spent afterwards and took some rest
before opening the two boxes and putting them away.
as you see them here. 

It rained suddenly while Mr Husband and I were sitting in the living-room together. 
A quick, hard driving rain.
I told him that for the Western World it is Good Friday,
that the world must cry too.

In the early evening light,
the deep golden colour of the candles and tulips blended brightly,
giving such cheer to me. 

New candles, one lit, burning strong...

I loved how bright it burned when I would look at it
from the couch.
Mr. Husband is getting a further medicine tomorrow, God willing.
He slept again, thank God and was still quite exhausted,
but more verbal at night and more up for teasing me as usual,
so that is a very good sign.
Thank God I did not have a nose-dripping deluge like I had last night.
Still quite congested, but I finally had more of an appetite come dinner time.
We read the second to the last chapter of GK Chesterton's autobiography
tonight and enjoyed it, laughing and learning.
Prayers were listened to again on MP3 and when were done, 
Mr. Husband got up and when he returned, he said we 
had mistakenly listened to the morning ones and had to do evening prayers after.
Was quietly funny, in a happy sort of way for me.
I am trying to take it one day at a time;
I can tell I am still quite drained from the sickness and not fully over
the sickness itself, as the sinus congestion is still strong.
So the need for patience and not over doing it is even stronger.
I am over halfway through Island Magic now and am savouring every bit,
reading it eagerly, with a deep attention and love.
And that was Lent day 12.


Paula said...

You sound better today. Isn't it so nice to wake up to sunshine and the birds? That's what I love with spring. Keep taking it easy. Glad Mr. Husband is on the mend too. <3

Nancy said...

That's some candle order! Just wondering where you order from.

Martha said...

Beautiful tiles! ♥ Lovely pic of your tulips with icons behind... There's nothing better than beeswax candles!