Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lent Day 13 ~ up and down

I finished reading Elizabeth Goudge's Island Magic. 
It was beautiful....
This morning Mr Husband and I slept, mostly.
We are congested in the chest and were so tired.

I watched the movie "Annie" in the afternoon....was feeling a bit more restless...
After dinner, I was struggling a bit with just being here for so long without much 
stimulation and Mr Husband cheered me up,
and then, I ended up cleaning the two bathrooms,
having a wonderful bath, doing the dishwasher and finding 
the spiral wreath and trying the new candles in it,
they fit; I am pleased. 

I would like to move this to the kitchen Island as it's just 
a little too precarious here, 
if I am to light a candle anyway. 
I may also try this wreath on our middle of our table. 
We will see what I have time and energy for tomorrow.
We are resting up one more day, and by Monday
I should not at all be contagious from what I read.
My hope is to go to presanctified liturgy on Wednesday night and begin 
anew.... I think it will be sometime before we fully regain our strenght,
but I am hoping that we will both continue to heal....
And so ends Lent day 13.

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