Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I've been blogging about
in my new blog,
I am trying to do lots of
wedding planning this week.
The first week of Lent.
This is crazy.
It seems also totally opposite to
what the first week of Lent should be.
But I can't see the future
so I have to do the best with what I am
given to do in the present.
I got news today that my job is a go
and that I do start this coming
Monday at 9 AM.
Full time for a month.
But it may be for more months if they
get the budget for it.
Which means I would be working and
traveling, moving and doing the rest of
the wedding preparations
not to mention that I have most lovingly
been invited to various bridal showers
which I have penciled in for when I am
in the places they would be in.
In other words,
provided my job continues
I have no choice but to use my last 1 free week
to try to get as much done as possible.
Which means tomorrow I try to make a spreadsheet
for all the invites to the most likely
two events
as I will be the one receiving the RSVPs
since I am here, the Crowning will be here
and my family is not here.
Any tips on stress management or other things
for wedding planning to make things
simple and easy,
feel free to let me know!
I am hoping to see the cater with a friend
tomorrow afternoon so that
I have a better idea of what is
and is not possible...
Thank God now at least I can go to church
and pray part 3 of
St. Andrew's Canon.
Lord have mercy on us!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lent and Bring Present with God

Second day of lent is coming to a close.
I find myself catching my breath;
thinking panicked thoughts
what devastation will come this lent?
as each lent has had its challenges...
But then I have to remember that
God is with me,
with us,
just as the prayer in the Great Compline says
our God is with us;
and that we are and can be
under the Theotokos protection.
I have been learning over the last year
that I have to be present within this day
to be with God right now
and that in this I will be protected.
Yes, hard times and trials will come again;
I know this;
the little bit of happiness I have now with
Orthoman I am savouring;
not that I believe that something will go wrong with
our relationship
but that we will have trials and heartache
to face together;
actually my only prayer to God to this end
is that He, with our cooperation,
will protect us and that we will not have or let
enmity grow between us;
I don't ask that we will not face dark valleys
but that we can face them together.
Living with God
and remembering His powerful protection,
that He loves us and will not abandon us
and that the Saints are with us
is how to face lent without fear
even when we face
unexpected devastation;
God will not leave us to face our dark valleys alone.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yay! Short term contract is being offered!

I will be working for all of March
unless HR at the new place of employment is
very very slow.
This is great.
And great that I don't have to work this week
when there's lots of extra services.
I feel really blessed.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lent, first evening

Cleo and I are hanging out.
I'm hoping for a good night sleep.
Lent has begun and I am already tired...

Lord, help us to stay on the ladder!

Blessed Lent

This morning I switched my icons
knowing that when I returned home
it would be Great Lent
and that I would of been at forgiveness vespers.
Forgive me a sinner!
Blessed and good lent to all!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happiness on the Eve of Lent

It is almost Lent.
I've been enjoying my pictures I took of last
Dormition Fast and Feast...
I am going to need new pictures soon
to be in the right season...
I wrote a who is my
beloved Orthoman post
on my new blog,
in case you wanted more information
and/or wanted or needed assurance
that I have the support of my family and friends
and of both of our spiritual fathers
regarding my Orthoman and I's
steady progress towards
I am slowly reading different books on marriage
and Orthoman and I are working through
one of the books together.
We talk about real issues of our lives
and we work through things
as we learn to communicate.
It really takes a lot of energy, time, commitment,
forgiveness and love.
I've talked to various friends about their marriages
now and also just over the years
that I have known them
and have gotten a lot of beautiful and concrete
advice from them.
I am very blessed.
Tomorrow Great and Holy Lent begins.
So today I want to ask for forgiveness
for any way I may have hurt, offended or in anyway
been unkind.
Please forgive me, a sinner.

Peaceful Beautiful Friday Evening

Old picture of the time during the Dormition Fast.
Well, I am so relieved to finally be able to have
announced how my life is changing.
Just a note -
I realized tonight that I forgot to change the RSS
feeds for my new blog
and I have fixed this and it is now
subscribable via google reader.
You're all invited there;
I am going to keep comments off on it
for a while
to give myself some time to adjust to everything,
but comments will stay on this blog
and I,
as you can see,
am not forsaking my beloved first Orthoblog! :)
Hard to imagine that God willing
my life will be different after next
Dormition Fast,
Lord Willing.
I spent the evening with my close dear friend
who is really my
and we talked about my plans and we
both can't imagine me leaving.
I don't even want to think about that part sometimes.
I mean really,
Cleo is the cutest cat of all of Canada
but what if there is a cat in the States who is cuter?
The disappointment may be quite overwhelming
for my dear Cleo Cat
darling of all she surveys.
 Still waiting to hear about the contract job.
Last heard is that the paperwork is now in process
but still don't know the outcome of the
So that means I don't have to go to work on Monday.
given the amount of laundry I need to do,
that I have to go grocery shopping
and that I need to do paperwork
not starting this Monday is not bad.
Besides being the first fully day of Lent.
With everything that is going on for me
it is going to be a challenge to
do Lent properly.
How does one do Lent, a potential new job
and continued moving and wedding logistics?
It's not like I am waiting to the last minute to do either.
one thing at a time
and I am going to try to really treasure this last Lent
that God willing I have in Ottawa
with my church family and spiritual father.
I can't wait DV to stand in church with my spiritual father
and our Deacon and all my church family
for the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete.
Lord have mercy and help our Lent to be fruitful!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Protection during unexpected times

One of my favourite icons of the Theotokos
is this one,

I also love St. Phanourios.

In the past two years I have asked his prayers
at various times
and have a service to him in English.

St. Phanourios'
prayers help people find things,
often deep things,
like spiritual fathers, jobs, life direction.
I have asked his protection on many occasions
and for his provision.

This past September I asked his help
for a request very dear and close to my heart.
So close that for months afterwards
I could not blog about it at all.

at the eve of Great Lent, it is time to share
what I have been given.

It was completely unexpected
and is flipping my life utterly upside down.

Soon I will change my living room
icon corner icons
for lent.
The Mother of God will stay in the centre
and Christ the Bridegroom
St. Ephraim the Syrian
will flank her on each side.
Waiting for the time when I change these icons for
my Paschal icons of
Christ's Resurrection
and the icon of
the Theotokos Life Giving Spring.

What I have to tell you now is so big
in my small life
the life of one
Orthodox woman who is also
a librarian
with the Cutest Cat in Canada
that I have started a new blog
for this new beginning.

I don't plan on stopping my blog here
but needed a different blog outlet...
right now I don't have the comments on for this
new blog
as I am still in the
but it is finally time to share it with you.
Wonderful and totally

Good Samaritan

So on the way to the dentist,
the bus driver saw a person at the side of the road, injured.
He stopped, asked the person if (I think it was a female) she was okay,
then pulled the bus over and went to the person,
went back to the bus and called for help
and paramedics came by ambulance
and we left when the paramedics
assured the driver that they were all set.
So like my bus driver was a good Samaritan today!
It made me late for my dentist appointment
but was really cool to see someone care like that!
Esp. since I have met some bus drivers
who don't seem as compassionate.
So very cool!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beauty in Late February

Since it is not super cold and white new snow
here in Ottawa
I like everyone is ready for Spring.
I went today to a friend's house
with another close friend
and we prayed the
Akathist to the Protection of the Mother of God
which I found very comforting.
I finally heard back again from my potential employer
and am emailing my references,
explaining that I already have a verbal offer
(which I hope is still on!)
Still have my cold
and have a dentist appointment tomorrow
needed sadly
and more costly that I would wish
but I feel a bit strengthened and
have some renewed hope.
Lots of work to be done
and I am still feeling very weary
but at least a little more

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Day is Done...

I have turned off the comment moderation
as per these instuctions
as I am finding the new blogger comment box moderation
to be very difficult to read.
I have a wonderful visit with one of my close friends;
it is so wonderful to be able to have dear friends
of which I can share with them my heart.
Still no word if I have that temporary job or not.
My cold is abating somewhat but still lingering.
Had bad imsomnia and hope that
tonight will be better...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Setting of the Sun

Cleo has not been eating as much

and had two sneezing fits;

uh oh, hope she is not getting sick too...

I am really looking forward to feeling better

and walking these Ottawa streets again...

Hard to believe that Lent is near now.

Lent to me is always a little scary

because many of my hardest times

and heartaches and things of

emotional devastation levels

have happened

during Great Lent.


Must trust God to see me through.

May God help us

be our protection


and refuge.

Prayers, Thoughts and Hope

Trusting the Mother of God's protection.


Missed Sunday liturgy today due to continuing head cold.


Continuing to think of my dear friends in BC.

Let's remember Maureen's father,

and all those on our hearts,

the ill, the troubled, the lonely.


Let's remember that God is our hope

and that all the heartbreak, pain

and illness that

we are constantly confronted with

is answered only in Christ and in

His Cross and Resurrection.

God is our Hope, our Surety,

our Provider of every good thing.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quiet Saturday

Cleo is sitting near me.

This head cold has me sleeping much of the day

and night.

Outside my apartment people are working

in the hallways,

tearing up carpet.

Cleo has been distressed by the noise

but I look at her and tell her

Cleo, it's okay.

I have my lampada burning bright

to St. George

for some dear BC friends.

When I am sick I can still burn

a candle in prayer.

It may not seem like a lot

but I know that the very light

burning steady and bright

for them

is enough

and that God is holding vigil with them

and that God and the Theotokos

and the Saints

protect and over shadow us

and that God's mercy is there

in our times of weakness

and distress.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning my eyes toward Christ

Read this tonight and was not only

reminded of the truth but


"Have you ever thought how infectious fear can be?

It spreads from one person to another

more quickly and certainly

than any of the fevers we know so well.

You can refuse the spirit of fear,

which never comes to us from God.

(And if He does not send it to us, who does?).

Instead, open your heart wide to the

spirit of "power and love and a calm

and well-balanced mind and

discipline and self-control

(2 Timothy 1:7 Amplified).

Because fear is so infectious, let us, for the sake

of others and ourselves,

refuse it.....

When we are downhearted or fearful or weak, we are saying to


(by the way we look and by our timidity, if not by our words),

"After all, the Lord can't be absolutely trusted."

We have a Saviour who has never once failed us.

He never will fail us.

He has loved and led and guarded us all these years."

-Amy Carmichael

You are my hiding place


Lord have mercy.

Boy do I need lent.

Fall and get up, fall and get up...


I can be doing okay with the anxiety

or well,

kind of okay and then

wham! head cold and uncertainty

and well,

I needed the reminder



Lord help us

and forgive us.


I have come down with a nasty head cold,

the kind that includes sinus, teeth and ear pain.

The job contract I was offered

is now in limbo

and I don't know if I have work or not.


I feel very exhausted and overwrought.

I am drinking lots of tea,

a friend is bringing food over later today

and I have been sleeping as much as I can.


Asking your prayers.

Also asking your prayers for a man I know

who fell seriously ill recently.

Lord help us!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prayer Request for Maureen's Father

Asking your prayers for one of our

Sister in Christ's Fathers -

Maureen's Dad who

has very recently been diagnosed with

brain cancer.

Please if you can remember

Maureen, her Father and Mother

in your prayers.


Lord have mercy!

Lord have mercy!

Lord have mercy!


Most Holy Theotokos save us!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Noah: prayer emergency

FB update on Noah:

Kate Estes
Jeff (Kate's husband) here. Noah's central line (broviac) came out a little over an hour ago. This is a true emergency. It has taken a while to sort out, but Noah will be admitted to the children's hospital in Columbia SC where they can put in a new dual lumen line. 911 has now been called. They will start an IV, take him to the local hospital, and that hospital will send him to Columbia. He has no access to fluids, medicine, calories/sugar, pain meds, etc. right now. He will probably have surgery tonight.

We have never been to this hospital and since Kate will be in the ambulance I will not be with them. Please pray for the paramedics, for Noah, for Kate, and for the doctors/surgeon.
Kate will update.

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Some have been asking what


stands for.

I grew up with this one...

It is for Lord willing

and is from Latin:

Deo Volente (Latin: Lord Willing).


Years ago I remember being in Holy Week

and realizing that

1. one is safest in God's will

2. Christ died on the Cross, fulfilling His Father's will

3. This means even on the Cross Christ was safe

as He was in God's will.


DV =

Lord Willing;

DV = where are true safety is.