Sunday, February 19, 2012

Setting of the Sun

Cleo has not been eating as much

and had two sneezing fits;

uh oh, hope she is not getting sick too...

I am really looking forward to feeling better

and walking these Ottawa streets again...

Hard to believe that Lent is near now.

Lent to me is always a little scary

because many of my hardest times

and heartaches and things of

emotional devastation levels

have happened

during Great Lent.


Must trust God to see me through.

May God help us

be our protection


and refuge.


RW said...

But, we live with the promise of the resurrection.

elizabeth said...

Thanks RW, needed to hear that...

E Helena E said...

May you both be well soon!

Martha said...

I hope Cleo is okay.
(a friend's cat recently was sick...ate nothing for a few days and curled up not moving much, she thought the cat was dying, as it is 15 years old, but guess that was a way to fight off whatever sickness...because the cat started eating again and it back to normal)
So fasting is good for our health!
Wishes for 100% health to Cleo.
And you, too ♥