Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lent and Bring Present with God

Second day of lent is coming to a close.
I find myself catching my breath;
thinking panicked thoughts
what devastation will come this lent?
as each lent has had its challenges...
But then I have to remember that
God is with me,
with us,
just as the prayer in the Great Compline says
our God is with us;
and that we are and can be
under the Theotokos protection.
I have been learning over the last year
that I have to be present within this day
to be with God right now
and that in this I will be protected.
Yes, hard times and trials will come again;
I know this;
the little bit of happiness I have now with
Orthoman I am savouring;
not that I believe that something will go wrong with
our relationship
but that we will have trials and heartache
to face together;
actually my only prayer to God to this end
is that He, with our cooperation,
will protect us and that we will not have or let
enmity grow between us;
I don't ask that we will not face dark valleys
but that we can face them together.
Living with God
and remembering His powerful protection,
that He loves us and will not abandon us
and that the Saints are with us
is how to face lent without fear
even when we face
unexpected devastation;
God will not leave us to face our dark valleys alone.

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Mimi said...

God is with us indeed.