Feast Days

St. Nicolas Cakes {fasting}

Feasting Recipes


Fia Sauce {a favourite Pasta dish}
Baked Ziti
Potato Soup {see comments}
Roast Chicken {what we have for Canadian Thanksgiving}
Poor Man's Hamburger Hash
Drunken Chicken
My Ukrainian Mother's Pancakes
Indian Shrimp Curry
My brother-in-laws Early Thanksgiving Dinner {roasted sweet potatoes with goat cheese, sage, roasted walnuts and a vinaigrette; chicken and rosemary, baked broccoli dish, crock pot turkey}
Elizabeth's Mom's Meatloaf
My Ukrainian Mother's Breaded Cauliflower
Roast Chicken with Sage and Lemon 

Sugar Cookies also thought of as butter cookies}
Sugar Cookies with Cream{a variation of the sugar cookie/butter cookie}
Homemade Whipped Cream {for fruit and other desserts}
Fasting Recipes


Seafood Stir-fry
Vegetable Curry
Fish with white wine
Soft Shell Crab (with a side of shrimp)
Scrimp with mushrooms, garlic and ginger
Baked Mushrooms and Potatoes (with garlic and basil)
Perogies with oil and onions
Vegetarian Chili
Golden Cornbread {to make non-GF, switch the flour and take out the x. gum)
Butternut Squash and Red Lentil Soup
Chickpeas Papadooris
Soft Vegan Taco with beans + red onion
Spicy Lentil Sauce (with pasta)
Simple Delicious Vegan Pizza with cherry tomatoes 
Fia Sauce {a favourite Pasta dish} {has wine + olive oil}
Curry Coconut Red Lentil Soup with Raisins
My own Lentil Soup (with macaroni noodles)
Fruit and Nut Bread (put here because I keep forgetting bread recipes are below on this page!)
Mary's Red Lentil Soup (so easy, it's my go-to favourite!)


Chocolate Raspberry Cake {You will not believe it is fasting}
Koek {a Dutch spice bread}
St. Nicolas Cakes
Peach Crisp ~ just in time for the Dormition Fast
Chocolate Brownie Cookies
Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookies with cranberries or craisins 
Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies {Vegan}
Cranberry Apple Cake
Vegan Scones - blueberry and lemon + dried cherry and lemon
Cranberry Orange Vegan Muffins (a favourite)

Bread {mainly fasting}

Sourdough Bread
Cranberry Orange Bread
Cranberry Lemon Yeast Bread
Artisan Bread
Sun-dried Tomato bread with Parmesan Cheese


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Can never have too many recipes - thanks for sharing these!

Christie said...

Oh no! I needed this list during Lent (western time)! It was my first year doing the Byzantine fast.