Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Cranberry Apple Cake for a Snow Day

I used the above recipe and did the following changes:
1/3 or so cup of cranberries (I would add even more next time! yum!)
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup vanilla sugar, big chunky sugar; raw sugar, also big chunky sugar about 1/3 cup or so, brown sugar about 1/3  cup a finer grain sugar; these sugars (the first 2) were mixed with the 
slightly OVER 2 cups of apples sliced into chunks and the brown sugar mixed with the cranberries,
which were added after the other sugars mixed with the apples. 
I added about 1/2 cup or so extra flour
about 1/3 to 1/2 extra of cinnamon and cloves
a bit of a heaping tsps of the baking soda 
1 cup exactly of cold (in fridge for over 12 hours) (instant!) coffee
1 cup canola oil (or maybe just a hint more, it was added first).
fruit was added after the batter was mixed.
I sprinkled a bit of the raw sugar on the top of the cake.
The heart shaped tin was done first, about 35 minutes or so.
Round one last I think.... 
a nice cake, not too sweet. 
I think I could of added even more cloves.
Maybe some ginger? (am thinking of my Koek recipe!)
It was really nice to do!

Well, it was a nice snow day.
Mr Husband worked from home.
Presanctified liturgy was cancelled because of the 
weather and rescheduled for Friday.
I got books delivered today!
I have a lot to do...
I am grateful.
We still got the same old unbloggable stress
but God is helping us enjoy what we have each day
and trust Him for the rest. 
I know we are very blessed!
God bless and help us all!
I know so many are suffering and I pray God's mercy
and deliverance for each! 


Heather said...

Oh yum! And now nice to have a warm fresh cake and a kitty to cuddle on such a snow day! Stay safe and warm :)

GretchenJoanna said...

That's a lot of snow! Cake and tea seem like the perfect response.

Lisa Richards said...

You really know how to live it up, girl! :) I don't even keep baking ingredients around the house any more. I sure do miss that sort of thing. Maybe, someday, if I get a slightly larger kitchen I'll try baking again. Meanwhile,I'll drool over your creations. A beautiful little tea. :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Heather!!!

G-J: yes! very much a lovely response!

Lisa ~ thanks! Wish I could give you some!!! Isn't it nice to enjoy such pleasures of life!!! Sending love your way!

Pilgrim said...

Enjoyed reading some of your posts and your book list. We lived in west Michigan for a year and a half. Beautiful in summer.

You may be interested in this blog, though no longer updated:

elizabeth said...

Life I.T.S.L: hi! thanks for your comment! Neat about West MI! Thanks for the blog rec! Glad you liked my blog! :)