Wednesday, March 21, 2018

5th week of Great Lent ~ Wednesday

A very quiet day.
Snowed most of today.
Husband worked from home.
I was in bed a lot of today, really wiped out.
I don't think I have the flu, just a cold I think; 
I did a video consult with an NP
who recommended more rest, etc.

"Illness compensates for our lack of labours for God" 
~ Fr John Krestiankin from his book of letters, _May God give you wisdom_. 
I find this comforting. God has many ways for us. 
Of course this letter also speaks of prayers for the ill and for good health.
I am always relieved that God takes illness as a labour; surely when I am not well,
there is not much I can do other than go through it. 
Picture from our time at St Anthony's Monastery. 
God bless and help us all!


Mat. Anna said...

Prayers for healing. I hadn’t thought of illnesses as being compensation for lack of labor but that’s a good thought. Accepting illness without complaining (you’re not, by the way) is just as good as being healthy and performing works.

GretchenJoanna said...

You had quite a pilgrimage! I think it wore you out a bit. May God strengthen and heal you, Dear Elizabeth!