Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A quiet day of rest

Picture from St Anthony's Monastery.
I hope to share more soon about last week and weekend.
So beautiful.
Today I rested a lot.
I may be coming down with a chest cold, 
so a lot more resting is in my near future!
I am so thankful for the life I have with my Husband 
and for the special time we had at St Anthony's!
We are supposed to have a snow day tomorrow
so I am guessing Mr Husband will work from home,
which will be really nice!
We had takeout for dinner tonight
and my Sweet Husband came home with
yellow and white flowers for me!
I love them!
May God bless and help us all!


Paula said...

Oh no, not another cold! Ella and Grandma are sick again but luckily it seems to be staying in their heads. I can't believe how healthy I have been this winter since I quit taking the steroid inhaler. Hope you fight off this cold and enjoy your snow day.

Mat. Anna said...

Beautiful picture!

I hope you’re not really getting sick, but if so, I hope you’re completely recovered for Pascha. ❤️