Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday 6th week of Great Lent 2018

My week in CA and then weekend in AZ
had many beautiful moments and many dreams
and I was very touched by beauty
and the Saints.
Last week was a really rough reentry, being so 
greatly fatigued and with a chest cold.  I think it was
last Wednesday I barely got out of bed! It was pretty extreme.
I did not make it to liturgy yesterday.
Today some laundry was done and I had help
cleaning the house, which was a real real blessing.
I've watched some worthwhile PG movies online
while resting over the last while,
as well as reading Orthodox books.
Tonight Mr Husband took me out to the diner for dinner.
The unbloggable stuff is like a sea-saw, up and down, up and down...
the good thing is that my Husband and I love each other deeply
and we pray together and that, right there, is a deep great goodness.
My Aunt who I visited earlier this month in MI
is back in Hospital and has some troubling health struggles.
We really don't know how long we will have her.
It's a hard space to be in.
It's been hard to stay encouraged and optimistic when in the midst of a
terrifically flourishing chest and then head cold.
But, in God we trust.
In Christ we have hope.
And soon, soon, it will be Pascha.... 
So dear ones, let's all hold on, a little longer,
as we wait for our King, our Christ, our Heavenly Bridegroom.... 


Lilly's Mom said...

Hello dear friend. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. After such a wonderful week of highs, I know is difficult to not feel well. Luckily, we have our faith and with that faith comes hope. As you know, our hope in the Lord will continue to guide us through all of life's ups and down. I pray that you can regain your strength and enjoy the special blessings of Pascha. You are a very special person. Hugs, Pat

elizabeth said...

thanks so much Pat, much appreciated! God bless you!