Thursday, March 01, 2018

Wednesday Recap of my Aunt's home + thrift store fun

My sister-friend's great Aunt wrote this book... 
it is incredible how our lives are weaved with various 
connections between them... 

My Aunt H's home and the lunch she always sets for her
sister (my Mom) and her 2 daughters (my cousins)...
I love the beauty and sameness of this... she is a special Aunt to me
and one that I think has a lot of perspective and common sense,
not to mention her love of God... her husband my Uncle J loved the Lord very much... 

I had fun seeing things at the thrift store...

We had a nice tea time when we came back home!

I found this cake tin + book by Ruth Bell Graham and her daughter

So the main things I found were various linens; 
towels, a really fluffy wash cloth, napkins, two good quality tea towels 
and a pretty embroidered napkin too! 
I am excited to use these, I find cloth napkins are such a blessing and nice touch
to the dinner table.
Well, I hope everyone is doing well.
God bless and keep you! 


Juliana said...

Lovely things! Have you ever read Tony Campolo's devotional? My uncle is fond of it, and read a few passages at our (extended Dutch) family worship time in October after the wedding. There were some great passages in there.

The almond windmill cookies--oh yas. I wish I could eat them again (but sadly, almonds have been off my menu for about 12 years now). *sad trombone* I miss banket too.

Mat. Anna said...

Almost all of my cloth napkins are thrift store finds!

Glad to see you enjoying your visit.

Lisa Richards said...

The old book is so cool! So are all of your thrift finds!
I love how your aunt makes even a simple meal look special.
Thanks for sharing!