Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday 5th Week of Great Lent 2018

(Picture taken at St Anthony's Monastery)
Today I have had a bit more energy, 
compared to yesterdays extreme all day bed rest.
Cough, cold and fatigue still is present, so I won't be 
blogging much today but though I would pop in briefly.
I am reading more of the letters of Fr John Krestiankin 
from his book of letters, May God give you wisdom!
The letters are full of helpful instruction, wisdom, profundity 
and direction, of course to be taken with the understanding of
one's own situation.
I am enjoying this read...
I really hope I am back to full strength by Holy Week.
I already know that I will not be baking Kulich this year;
thankfully we are still provided for in that.
May God help us all and have mercy!


Angela said...

Happy Easter to you!!

Tracy said...

So sorry you're under the weather, Elizabeth... be resting well and taking good care. Prayers that you will be well for Pascha soon! :) Though I've not been under the weather as you are, I've been having some usual slowness with the CF and a lot of fatigue at the moment trying to do too much. So I've decided to keep our Easter celebration more simplified this year. We'll be just the two of us here for celebrating, so that makes is easier. How beautiful is St Anthony's! God Bless you, my friend ((HUGS))

Mat Anna said...

I’m glad you’re better rather than worse today. Keep resting! It’s time for me to make the big list of preparations for Holy Week and Pascha and make a calendar from that. I always worry but all of the truly important things manage to get done. I’m praying that this year we won’t be dealing with multiple very sick kids as we did last year. But God’s will be done.

Lisa Richards said...

Praying for a quick recovery for you! It seems our little family keeps recirculating germs and I'm always tired and slightly under the weather. Hopefully warmer weather and more time outside will remedy that. Take care of yourself!