Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday ~ NYC, happiness and unexpected news

So, I got to go to NYC again today.
I go to NYC (to answer LR's question) for various reasons...
sometimes a routine appt like the dentist, sometimes to go
shopping or to go to Trader Joes.
I really enjoy being in NYC,
it has an energy like no where else; and a lot of old
architecture; but it's very expensive to live there,
something I never plan no doing! 
From where I live, one can get easily into NYC by the
local PATH trains that go under water to NYC.
(And the tickets for this with a smart card is under 3$ one way,
so it's pretty affordable!
Well, my Husband and I got some
unexpected, not so great, did-not-see-that-coming news 
related to the unbloggable stuff.
All I can say online is that I need to keep focused on Christ
and that I need to live in today only and deal with tomorrows 
when it is actually time to deal with them.
One of the biggest things I am learning right now,
and needing to practice, is this. 
Well, that's it for today.
It's well past time for sleep!
God bless you all! 
ps: liked this little story, encouraging to remember.
pps: my Thanksgiving list for today:
1. Sunshine! 
2. I was in NYC again today! Went to Trader Joes, my 'happy place' 
and got a few secret Christmas gifts  
3. My leg/foot still has a lot of soreness/stiffness/pain when walking more but I made it through.
 And had a good time anyway! 
4. I am almost done reading the Catherine Marshall book, very moving how she continued to grow in her relationship to Christ. 
5. That there are people of prayer in this world 
6. The Walton's show and how it is such a strong example of a loving family 
7. Grace given to others - overlooking a shortcoming, or lateness or such. I have so many memories of these moments and need to keep remembering them!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday ~ busy and tiring

I am really dragging this week.
NYC again for me tomorrow. 
I managed to do more of the tree and get the 
tabletop Christmas tree from the garage.
Also had PT today. 
My sister-friend gave me the teapot ornament about 6 years ago,
it was in her family and is very dear to me. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday, varied but beautiful

Today was one of those 
"beautiful but hard" days.
I lost my peace worrying about something 
related to the unbloggable stuff.
We got some good news today but it threw me off
as it dealt with a schedule change that was unexpected. 
Yet, my Husband and I had a nice dinner at our diner.
I put up a lot of the Christmas tree decorations.
I finally got my lights only to find out that they are
real twinkle lights, as in they blink.
So now my tree blinks in the middle selection. Yeah. Oops. 
So guess what, don't buy lights that say twinkle in their name
unless you want them to actually do so....
Hopefully my beloved Husband won't mind too much
(he went to sleep early tonight so I did some decorating 
by myself tonight). 
I am already finding this rather humorous :) 
Anyway, the tree is up, it's beautiful,
I put up new not-winking twinkle lights by the plants
and I love how it makes the room so warm without tons of 
glaring bright lights. 
It makes a lot of things easier to bear. 
I watched (amazon prime video) The Christmas Angel again this year.
I enjoyed it. 
Today began the Christmas Nativity Fast. 
I pray that each of you reading this will have a blessed season
as we go towards our Lord's Nativity and that Christ will help us
and save us and have mercy on us! 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday ~ a late NYC adventure...

Thanksgiving list! 

1. I went to NYC and this means Trader Joes :) I stocked up on the wonderful Christmas  hors d'oeuvre of phyllo dough with Camembert and cranberries.  It's really good!  

2. Dentist visit done and no cavities! :) and the hygienist was gentle! 

3. I had dinner with my beloved Husband... last day before for the fast.... so I had some meat! :) 
Actually had chicken in salad with a side of pork and a bit of beef, with 
mashed potatoes made with half-n-half. Was really good! 

4. A warm home! 

5. My Christmas tree is beginning well! I love it ... and it's going to DV
have more twinkle lights soon.... I think the middle of the tree really could have
some more lights! :) :) I ordered one more box and DV it will be here tomorrow! 

6. I think I saw where our Christmas CDs are :) 

7. Did I ever tell you about the vintage Swedish nut grinder I got? It ground raw cashews into 'dust' easily! It's small, easy to store and only needs 'man power' to use :) I hope to use it to make some extra-protein veggie fasting 'cheese' sauces :) We shall see! 
I will be asking you all week:
It's flu season and cold season. I am upping my vitamins 
and trying to stay well. 

May God have mercy on all of us!!! 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday ~ a blessing

You can probably tell that I loved photographing the sunset we saw
on our walk....:) 
today we said goodbye to a neighour who is moving down South in the USA.
We went to our far-away church.  Had a nice walk later.
Ice cream with dear friends + their beloved kids.
Tonight I spent some time putting up the Christmas tree...
I did the ribbons about 3 times before I was happy with them... 
Soon I hope to put up the lights! 
I got to NYC tomorrow afternoon... 
It's going to be a busy week... but one day and one
moment at a time... 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday: rest and vespers

A quiet day.
I went on a walk, which was great,
because, of course, after being all excited about being 
able to walk more, my foot went and got all sore/stiff again...
I will be looking into this again and am still going to PT.
I know part of it was extra standing and carrying/lifting I did
various day this week. 
Boy did I have fun enjoying thanksgiving leftovers today! 
I am enjoying reading an Amish cookbook that I have,
and that recipe sounded good (that I posted above)...
I have TWU, where I finished my undergraduate degree, on my mind big time.
They go to the Supreme Court of Canada to fight for 
religious freedom and they are asking everyone to stand with them in prayer. 
TWU is one of the ONLY Christian Universities in all of Canada
and they really need our prayers.
Most people here in the States have never heard of TWU,
unless perhaps you live on the West Coast (since TWU is near Vancouver)
but the fight they are in is one that we are all in and is deeply 
important for the future of Canada and the West.
Well, this week had some really nice things,
St. Nectarios Day was Wednesday, St. Menas day was Friday
and of course Thanksgiving day!
We still have our challenges now and in front of us,
but I am trying to just be within the day
and try to remember God and His mercy.
Hoping to go to our far-away church tomorrow...
one day and one thing at a time, right? 
May God help us!