Friday, November 03, 2017

Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie: Take One

My first vegan pot pie, via a friend's recipe + Joy of Cooking + my own winging it... I sauteed/browned some celery, red onion, 1 sweet potato, a third of a good sized butternut squash, in coconut oil. 
I added to this 1 can drained and rinsed red kidney beans for protein. 
Mixed flour with thick cream coconut milk (trader joes), with some nutritional yeast. Added marjoram and salt and pepper. All mixed together. 
I used 2 vegan frozen pie crusts for top and bottom. Baked at 400F for about 25 or so minutes.  
It was pretty good; needed more spices and salt and pepper.
I think we would like it better with potatoes.
Social media friends told me I can freeze it (the left overs)
but don't do so with regular potatoes. 
We went grocery shopping today and my Husband spied a big bottle of 
Kombucha! Cheaper and my favourite flavour! 
I am a bit tired, it was a busy week.
But at least I am a little more peaceful.
It takes effort to try to stay in the present
but it's worth it.
I hope and pray that this day had some 
shards of light for you and God's protection!


steph said...

yum....and sweet rolls?!? just put on a pound or two looking at them!

elizabeth said...

ha! :) Thankfully, while I did gain some weight when I was first married, I am pretty stable where I am now ... :) The sweet rolls are a special treat for this time in our lives.... :)

Lilly's Mom said...

The pie turned out great. I love the way you made the top crust. Looks so yummy. Pat xx

Helensmum said...

Looks lovely ! Having a lovely day in the UK. Clear blue skies and walking my dog with other dog walking friends.
Also kept busy with some long overdue tidying. Plus I had my daughter and son in laws two very comfy leather sofas delivered first thing (they have upgraded!). Very comfortable. Feel loved and blessed.

Need to get my dog Frank out,it's bonfire night,anticipating lots of loud fireworks.

Ann Marie

karen said...

when you perfect the recipe let me in on the secret :) did the coconut take over the flavor?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Pat! I cheated and used a premade crust!

Wonderful to hear from you Ann Marie!

Karen, no the coconut really did not take over the flavor.... the nutritional yeast saw to that! It was nice, but a bit on the sweet side....