Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sunday: blessings abundant

It was wonderful to be with our far-away church family today.
The little boy was playing "deacon" and imitating how they hold up the Gospel book.
So darling and shows how normal it is for kids to be in Church!
It was really nice to be back.
Tonight we watched the Walton's and had the very last
of the veggie pot pie. 
The last picture is my new Turkey Platter! 
I am so glad that I have one! 
My foot is hurting a bit so I am glad that we are DV
getting thanksgiving dinner ordered in this year.
There is much troubling our world these days...
We must keep remembering that no matter what,
God is not going to be over come and that 
Christ IS the light that overtakes night.

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Tracy said...

How LOVELY the autumn leaves... and how SWEET that little boy playing deacon! :) It's wonderful seeing children and young people truly enjoying being in church and appreciating the liturgy. Oooo... your turkey platter is BEAUTIFUL, Elizabeth! It will be an extra touch for you Thanksgiving meal. :) It was terrible this morning to wake up and see news of what happened in Texas during the weekend... God is sooo GOOD, He will make and keep the darkness light. Christ is the greatest love and light we much the world needs His light! God bless you as your journey through a new week... ((HUGS))