Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday: rest and vespers

A quiet day.
I went on a walk, which was great,
because, of course, after being all excited about being 
able to walk more, my foot went and got all sore/stiff again...
I will be looking into this again and am still going to PT.
I know part of it was extra standing and carrying/lifting I did
various day this week. 
Boy did I have fun enjoying thanksgiving leftovers today! 
I am enjoying reading an Amish cookbook that I have,
and that recipe sounded good (that I posted above)...
I have TWU, where I finished my undergraduate degree, on my mind big time.
They go to the Supreme Court of Canada to fight for 
religious freedom and they are asking everyone to stand with them in prayer. 
TWU is one of the ONLY Christian Universities in all of Canada
and they really need our prayers.
Most people here in the States have never heard of TWU,
unless perhaps you live on the West Coast (since TWU is near Vancouver)
but the fight they are in is one that we are all in and is deeply 
important for the future of Canada and the West.
Well, this week had some really nice things,
St. Nectarios Day was Wednesday, St. Menas day was Friday
and of course Thanksgiving day!
We still have our challenges now and in front of us,
but I am trying to just be within the day
and try to remember God and His mercy.
Hoping to go to our far-away church tomorrow...
one day and one thing at a time, right? 
May God help us! 


Nancy said...

It sounds like you had a great thanksgiving weekend. I'm happy for you. Finish up the leftovers before the fast starts!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm going to have to "create" some leftovers since we ate out. I got the fixings today and look forward to my own little Thanksgiving meal! :)

Mat. Anna said...
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Mat. Anna said...

What a lovely tree! We have so little fall color in our neck of the woods.

I hope you were able to attend your far-away church today! And be sure to rest that ankle. ((Hugs))