Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Saturday of Blessings

Thanksgiving list...

 1. My Husband took me out to eat today (a week Monday we start the Nativity fast) and that was really nice! 

2. Laundry is pretty much caught up.  It will come back of course but still, I am thankful!

3. I was so inspired by the videos and article on how many are coming to Christ from Islam... I have known about this for a few years now but was wonderful to read about. 

4. My phone reset seems to have worked well. My memory is way up on it, and all my apps that I need are working thus far! :) Feels really good to have this done at last.... 

5. I saw my first Christmas tree in NYC this past week :)

 6. My local church has Christmas trees for sale and they smell so very good

 7. Thanksgiving this week!!!!


I really hope to write more about C Marshall's book that I am enjoying
but the ideas need to percolate in me a bit longer.

God bless each of you this night!


Lisa Richards said...

The food looks delicious and you have so many little daily blessings to be thankful for! I'm going to make a pumpkin pie to share with my daughter's family. We're going out to eat (Chinese) but one of my granddaughters always mentions how much she likes my pumpkin pies. I can take a hint! ;) Blessings!

Nancy said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Just pace yourself with the cooking so you don't overture yourself.