Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving list!

 1. We made it to our far-away church and it was a joy to see everyone!

 2. Technology, including whatsapp and google photos. I missed a special birthday party in MI and I got to call in, get videos texted and pictures sent too. That was really great. 

3. We took a walk today! Do you know how WONDERFUL it is to be able to take walks? I remember those long weeks of bedrest and being so sad that I could not go on a walk to the park. It's wonderful to be able to go with my Husband now. 

4. PT. I am still going. Ankle still gets sore/stiff. But wonderful that I have PT to go to, right? 

5. Post Liturgical Naps. We managed to get home today in time to have one (it takes us over an hour 1 way to get home from our far-away church). 

6. We had leftovers for dinner and watched the Waltons and had popcorn. Was really fun! 

7. Tomorrow a local friend is borrowing my knee scooter. It's great that I can share these things and not need them also. :) It's great to be able to walk again!


Helensmamma said...

What a lovely list Elizabeth. I love all the photos of churches and the "pray the rosary" shrine a Roman Catholic,I love it.

I'm chuckling at myself sobbing over my dismantled vacuum cleaner but truly felt God help me. He has felt distant this Summer/Autumn but is coming back into full view.

Much love,

Ann Marie

Tracy said...

Sooo many blessings, Elizabeth! So glad you were able to make it to your far away church! And WALKing too--hooray!! Fun that a friend is borrowing your scooter. That thing may come in handy. ;) LOVELY that Mary Shrine and encouragement to Pray the Rosary, in one of the many lovely pictures you share here. Wishing you a wonderful week this week as your prepare for Thanksgiving, and more counting of blessings. Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated here in Norway, so it's a "regular" day... but I sprinkle my American customs here, and TJ & I will make a special meal at the weekend as a belated celebration. :) With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

Lisa Richards said...

Beautiful church pictures! And so nice that you have the equipment your friend needs! A blessing for her! Enjoy your walks!