Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday ~ a late NYC adventure...

Thanksgiving list! 

1. I went to NYC and this means Trader Joes :) I stocked up on the wonderful Christmas  hors d'oeuvre of phyllo dough with Camembert and cranberries.  It's really good!  

2. Dentist visit done and no cavities! :) and the hygienist was gentle! 

3. I had dinner with my beloved Husband... last day before for the fast.... so I had some meat! :) 
Actually had chicken in salad with a side of pork and a bit of beef, with 
mashed potatoes made with half-n-half. Was really good! 

4. A warm home! 

5. My Christmas tree is beginning well! I love it ... and it's going to DV
have more twinkle lights soon.... I think the middle of the tree really could have
some more lights! :) :) I ordered one more box and DV it will be here tomorrow! 

6. I think I saw where our Christmas CDs are :) 

7. Did I ever tell you about the vintage Swedish nut grinder I got? It ground raw cashews into 'dust' easily! It's small, easy to store and only needs 'man power' to use :) I hope to use it to make some extra-protein veggie fasting 'cheese' sauces :) We shall see! 
I will be asking you all week:
It's flu season and cold season. I am upping my vitamins 
and trying to stay well. 

May God have mercy on all of us!!! 


Tracy said...

Oooo... your tree is GORGEOUS, Elizabeth! I just love the red and gold color scheme!! And I just love ribbons on a tree. We have our tree up now too--our theme is silver & white, with silver ribbon. I'll share a pic at my place later in the week. VERY FUN too see Christmas cheer and decor from Trader Joe's--very pretty! So glad all is well there, and your dentist visit only good news. :) A nut grinder is a great idea--nuts in sauces. I'd like to try more of that. Very much enjoying your Thanksgiving posts this month... Wishing you & your husband a very Blessed and BEAUTIFUL Nativity Fast, my friend! With LOVE, In Christ ((HUGS))--Tracy

shoreacres said...

I might have asked this before, but I can't remember, and can't find it with a search -- what is "DV"? I've tried and tried to figure it out, but I'm sometimes very slow!

Your tree is beautiful. I usually don't put mine up until about mid-Advent, but I keep it up until Epiphany on January 6, so there's no rush! What I do put out on this coming first Sunday of Advent is the Advent wreath -- one of my favorite customs.

elizabeth said...

Thanks!!! Looking forward to seeing your tree too!!!

Linda,DV ... it is for Lord willing and is from Latin: Deo Volente (Latin: Lord Willing).

Nice that you keep your tree up until Epiphany! :)The Christmas season for us (after Jan 7) is 40 days long, including Theophany (which is the same day as Epiphany but is about the baptism of Christ as it's main focus) on Jan 19! :) That's wonderful about the advent wreath!!!

Lilly's Mom said...

Your home is beautiful for the holidays. Such a lovely, calm and peaceful setting you have provided. I know you were ill last year; did you get a flu shot for this year? I want you to stay well and healthy and enjoy your holidays dear friend. Blessings to you, Pat xx

elizabeth said...

Thanks Pat! Yes, both my Husband and I got flu shots... I really hope we can stay well this year!! Missing Christmas (and Theophany) last year was really hard!

Lisa Richards said...

Lots of good things to be thankful for! Your tree is looking gorgeous!