Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Prep, Cleo and Beauty

Cleo often is like the first picture, just sitting quiet by me... 

 Cleo started talking once I called her name!
So our pantry recently seemed to explode... 
partly because we did that epic shopping trip,
partly because we had so much illness this year and I did not
do as much cooking and baking as I thought I would
and partly because there are things that we need when we are sick
or can't easily get out to get that we stocked up on,
and then there are the gifts we have been given...
I often feel guilty for the abundance we have,
but once I was told by a pretty strict Orthodox monk that it
is good to have things to easily serve guests and that this is good.
Even said "Bravo" to me, which to this day amazes me.... 
Well, I hope I can continue to use what I have been given to bless
others and we all know that I love to cook and bake for that reason...

 Tea in my pantry.  :) So, I had VNA vintage wine glasses,
shown above.  They are lead crystal and I did a bit of 
tossing and turning in terms of worry about health risks.
My parents said don't worry, my friend said the same,
my research said that soaking in water with vinegar for 24 hours will
reduce lead leakage and that we have more lead in our diet per day
than what we will get from using the glasses on occasion,
not for general use.  So I am using them.
I still feel torn about it; I wish I was more laid back in terms of 
worry but well, it's just not happening immediately anyway...

and Fresh Direct is doing the rest! 
I get it delivered tomorrow!!! 
Please feel free to say a prayer that I get the turkey right! 
At least I am only reheating it! 

A beautiful sunset tonight!

The Island is all ready for food tomorrow! I used sticky notes to say what goes where
other than the Turkey Platter.  Nothing that big but a Turkey for that! :)

 Table as complete as it will be tonight!
I got the plates last year for my 40th birthday via Etsy. The vase was a gift from a NJ friend who is very kind to us. Table runner, quilted, by my quilting friend for my 40th birthday! 
Pretty napkins from my Mom!

The icons in flat stone to the right of this picture were made in monasteries and the first one was a wedding gift given to us at our wedding and the other was a similar gift given later..

My Grandma's Thanksgiving card on proud display! The mirrored tray and tea pot on the left were from our antique store days when we would go together for Christmas and my birthday. I treasure those days very much. The cake platter was a wedding gift. The sugar and creamer and tea cup in the back are from my Husband, he got them for guests before he ever knew me but believes they did not get used until we were married! The french press was a gift also! We are very blessed!

The pretty flower plates are Minton and were found at the VNA sale this past October when my parents were visiting, along with the plate next to it. The silverware was from the first VNA sale we went to as a newly married couple, 5 years ago!

This serving set we found at the VNA sale, just days before I broke my ankle. The beautiful white platter was a gift from our engagement party from our far-away church but somehow the card from who gave it to us was lost and to this day we don't know who to thank! But we use this bread/serving tray often and love it!

Well, I am as ready as I can be for Thanksgiving Tomorrow. My thanksgiving list for today is 

1. for my Husband and his foresight to have me order the Thanksgiving meal from Fresh Direct. Because of that, all I did today was mix together my favourite sweet potato and cranberry dish. I was going to make sour cream apple pie, but I had to rest my foot today. I am not in as much pain now, thank God. 

2. My Husband is a long time fan of the VNA rummage sale in far hills NJ. My silverware and some of my nicest dishes we found there together. Some are in these pictures. 

3. That we have some friends to have Thanksgiving with tomorrow, what a blessing! While we miss our families, it just was not possible to make a long trip this year. So blessed that we can at least talk on the phone, email, text and send snail mail too! 

4. The Lord is so merciful to us. For everyone celebrating tomorrow, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. The Holidays can be really hard for those who have lost family, so please know that my Husband and I are praying for each of you. May God bless and comfort us all!


Angie said...

I love love love the way you set up your table and for Thanksgiving you surpassed yourself.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Greece but I understand the stress it brings to a housewife so the decision to order was brilliant.
Many many wishes for a heart fulfilling night with your friends!

Helensmum said...

I love all the thought and care, the sticky notes are so " me". It all looks so lovely. I wish I was nearer, I know you would both invite me!

Have a day full of thanks,

Ann Marie

Tracy said...

Cleo is sooo sweet! That was funny the other day, Cleo and the "Butter" ;) Your pantry cupboard is so wonderful--you make great space of shelf and corner of that! So glad you have guest coming to share your Thanksgiving feast. And how beautiful are all your collected pieces of china, glass and silver. Those Minton floral plates are gorgeous! Wishing you & yours a Blessed, Beautiful, Beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving! ((HUG))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I rejoice that you are so richly blessed <3

Paula said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love those Minton flower plates. Your house looks so beautiful.

Lilly's Mom said...

I loved reading your special post today and seeing all the lovely things that you will be using that mean so much to you. I think that is what makes Thanksgiving so special in many ways. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful so know you as a dear friend. Pat xx

Lisa Richards said...

Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving prep with us! I enjoyed going to dinner but I think I'll have to make my own version of a turkey dinner later so I can have some leftovers! That's the best part! Hope you had a good and restful day with your friends. :)