Tuesday, November 07, 2017

A Tuesday in which I am thankful {+ Shepherd's Pie!}

Thank you list!

1. A warm home on a day that had a night of 'November sad rain' to quote Madeleine L'Engle from her book The Young Unicorns

2. I made shepherd's pie with ground lamb! My beloved Husband liked it and there is enough for at least one more meal of it on Thursday! Recipe from my first Joy of Cooking cookbook that my parents gave me on my 29th (golden) birthday, nearly 12 years ago! 

3. Vespers at our local church - it was cold and wet and inside was so warm and comforting in it's warmth!

4. Tomorrow is a fish day and I am hoping to make a nice dinner.... and liturgy tomorrow morning, locally speaking.

5. that God's mercy is everlasting and new every morning


ps: wonderful prayer here and wonderful article about
Christians and how the Church will not lessen because of persecution
or sudden violence 


Gloriade said...

Yes, yes and yes. So thankful for all the little blessings God gives us every day.

Lisa said...

My goodness - in the Washington Post, no less! A good article.

elizabeth said...

Gloriade, yes!!!

Lisa ~ I know, I was really surprised at that, a VERY good article!