Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday, varied but beautiful

Today was one of those 
"beautiful but hard" days.
I lost my peace worrying about something 
related to the unbloggable stuff.
We got some good news today but it threw me off
as it dealt with a schedule change that was unexpected. 
Yet, my Husband and I had a nice dinner at our diner.
I put up a lot of the Christmas tree decorations.
I finally got my lights only to find out that they are
real twinkle lights, as in they blink.
So now my tree blinks in the middle selection. Yeah. Oops. 
So guess what, don't buy lights that say twinkle in their name
unless you want them to actually do so....
Hopefully my beloved Husband won't mind too much
(he went to sleep early tonight so I did some decorating 
by myself tonight). 
I am already finding this rather humorous :) 
Anyway, the tree is up, it's beautiful,
I put up new not-winking twinkle lights by the plants
and I love how it makes the room so warm without tons of 
glaring bright lights. 
It makes a lot of things easier to bear. 
I watched (amazon prime video) The Christmas Angel again this year.
I enjoyed it. 
Today began the Christmas Nativity Fast. 
I pray that each of you reading this will have a blessed season
as we go towards our Lord's Nativity and that Christ will help us
and save us and have mercy on us! 


Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, Your tree looks lovely. I know what you mean about the lights. I took two boxes of lights back to the store this morning because they "twinkled" lol!
We still go out and cut down our own tree each year. My husband is ready to let that tradition go but our grown children still love it and come with us every year to tramp around and pick the best specimens. I still love going out too. I pray you will feel at peace again as you begin your Advent preparations and fast. All blessings to you.

Elizabethd said...

Sometimes there is a switch that lets you turn off the twinkling.
Your tree looks very pretty.

karen said...

your decorating is beautiful! my house is complete and now I sit and enjoy the beauty :)

Pom Pom said...

Your tree is VERY pretty! Well done!

elizabeth said...

Gloriade, thanks so much!!!

Elizabethd- yeah, I heard that. Did not find one in this case....

Karen, thanks! wonderful!

Pom Pom ~ thanks so much~

Tracy said...

Your tree is a feast for the eyes, Elizabeth! Funny about the lights! It's nice to have a little something to have a giggle over, especially when things are tough. So maybe you want your twinkle lights to stay up--there in the middle, the belly-button of the tree. ;) I'm sorry you've been struggling still, and I pray you may regain some peace of mind and heart. Your diner dinner to begin the fast looks scrumptious! Wishing you a Blessed and Beautiful Nativity Fast, my friend!! ((HUGS))