Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday with hot tea, baking, cooking and reading

Oh for a good pot of tea! 
I am grateful for so many teas to enjoy!
I made 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies for Christmas.
I am thinking I will have to do another just for my Husband.
He really likes them and feels 'gypped' sometimes when I give 
all of ours away! 
(If you saw our pantry and how much we have in it, 
you would see why I don't keep as many cookies!)
Then I made chicken and biscuits.
The chicken was just perfect.
The gravy needed a bit more seasoning,
I think because there was a lot less chicken juice,
as I baked less chicken this time.
But the biscuits with gravy and a bit of salt and pepper was great!
DV I will be in NYC and meet my Husband there for dinner
on Thursday, so the leftovers of this meal
we will enjoy on Saturday!
(soon we will be fasting for Advent/Nativity but not until Nov 28th
as our Christmas is January 7!)
I am enjoying the books Homecoming and Dicey's Song,
both published in the early 1980s, before computers were in as much use,
not to mention cell phones/smart phones, tablets and all the things we use now.
It's nice to read about when these were not here,
how it was when I was growing up.
I am really glad I did all the baking and cooking.
I am learning a lot about, how do I describe it,
I was thinking about it as I was reading the Church Scripture readings 
plus some of 1st John.... that sometimes God lets those you love
go through hard times and that we may be totally dumbfounded about
why it seems or looks to be going a certain way but then you realize that
God may be doing something in the life of the one you love through the 
circumstances you do not understand and sometimes it's best to wait,
to be quiet, to try to trust God, just like a child has to do both
growing up and trusting those who know more, all at once.
It's a shifting world we live in now; I had enjoyed
some youtube videos, with the "best classical choral music"
and it was deleted and I wish I had saved the playlist of them,
it was such nice music. 
That's a small example of how much this world shifts,
but you know what I mean. So much.
But yet God does not shift.
Basic practicality and common sense does not shift.
The ocean's tides come in and go out.
The sun rises, the sun sets.
Not all shifts and not all is lost
and, as Tolkien speaks of,
no one can destroy the beauty of the stars. 


Lilly's Mom said...

Hello dear friend. Cleo never ceases to amaze me to see her sitting at the top of the chair. I don't know how she does it! Your cookies look delicious as does your chicken and biscuits. Yum! My daughter is in NYC this week and I am busy babysitting the little grandchildren. Thank you for the uplifting words you shared today. My best to you. Pat xx

Juliana said...

Oh man, I remember those books! I had completely forgotten about them until you mentioned them. I remember really liking them when I read them years ago. You know, it's funny, I watch "period" shows that are set in the 1970s and 1980s sometimes, and it all is so familiar to me, but I'm realizing that it seems very strange to the generations younger than us. I was trying to explain Maxwell Smart's shoe phone to my kids the other day and they couldn't understand the rotary dial thing. We had a rotary phone until I was in junior high or high school, at least!

Paula said...

I remember Dicey's Song. Homecoming -the Walton's one? That's my favourite Christmas movie and usually the first one I put on. I made cookies on Monday. The recipe makes 8 dozen but I'm sure that's not how many I put in the freezer :) I need to get baking for camp this weekend.

elizabeth said...

thanks Pat! Cleo is quite something! the top of these chairs is thick and she holds on with her back claws.... :) I hope your daughter has a good time in NYC! I will be there on Thursday myself!

Juliana ~ I need to get the rest of them!!! I have only the first 2! Yes, we had a rotary phone for a long time too!

Paula ~ Dicey's song is the squeal to the Homecoming. This of course is also the name of the Walton's movie, but different stories :) We have it though! love the Waltons! Yay for Christmas baking!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Elizabeth! So much good food! Your cookies look yummy!
You're so right. He is the same and we are grateful.

Mat Anna said...

Oh my! Those cookies look scrumptious! I miss cookies.

Yes, I know of so many times in my life (as I mentioned to Father just today) that there was a miserable time of waiting and getting nowhere before something finally came through, and I would wonder *why it had to take so long*, and then eventually realize that circumstances had not yet been in place immediately and God needed time to work. It would have been obvious from God’s point of view, and it was unreasonable to expect that I would have the same view! This is where trust comes in, and I am only so-so in the trust department.

Lisa Richards said...

I'm suddenly very hungry! :)