Friday, November 17, 2017

Thankful list! Whew. A lot accomplished today. I am thankful for....

1. working washing machine, dryer and dish washer! and all ensuite (I did not have any dishwasher until I was married and no ensuite laundry!)

2. I was able to successfully factory reset my phone tonight. It was long over due (memory overload plus annoying ad-spam).

3. I am reading Catherine Marshall's book "A Closer Walk".... I read a lot of her books in my earlier 20s and it is refreshing to see how she has impacted my life. I was telling my Mom that she reminds me of Ruth Bell Graham in how she read the Scriptures so deeply that it was like she was eating them - she was fed and strengthened by this practice....

4. That my Husband is accepting of my being excited about Thanksgiving... and then putting up the Christmas tree, and about the Christmas Casserole that I am already planning for the 12 days of Christmas!

5. I was able to do laundry, dishes and tidying of the house today.

6. I am so thankful for a good bed that soon I can be sleeping in!

7. That God is always seeking to help us in all of our struggles...


Helensmamma said...

This is lovely Elizabeth! This isn't boasting, just a sad admission- I could exceed this list two or three times. I'm just don't see my many gifts in my life.

For example, I had stripped my vacuum cleaner down to clean it:could I get it back together? No!

I'm ashamed I actually sobbed in frustration. I asked God to literally put his hand on mine and the screwdriver- job done.

Ann Marie

Sara Lorayne said...

It's certainly a reason for thankfulness when one has managed to accomplish several tasks, especially the ones that have been put on the shelf for a while but need attention (I've got a few of those). Your home always looks so comfy and cozy and I enjoy your photos very much.

Lisa Richards said...

A wonderful list of things to be thankful for! God is good!

elizabeth said...

Ann Marie ~ how wonderful, God's help to you!
Sara L - thank you so much!!!
Lisa ~ yes!!! very Good!!

Alicia said...