Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Sunny Cold and Beautiful

Local church for liturgy.
Lit a large candle for my dear Ottawa friend's first Communion today.
Husband and I took a walk after liturgy and some food afterwards.
Post liturgical nap.
Snatches of a sappy Christmas movie.
Hot Chocolate. 
I have at least 3 coming for Thanksgiving.
I am glad about this.
Facing some more unbloggable worries.
Trying not to worry.
Have had moments of struggle with that.
But we keep trying and 
above all we seek to focus on Christ
and not despair. 
I find that part of growing up and being now in my early
40s is that you realize that there are often not easy
answers for unbloggable stuff and that
one needs patience to wait to see what will come
and to trust God for all the unknowns.
The good thing is that God will be with us
and we need to take things just one day at a time.... 
God bless you all! 


Helensmum said...

How lovely that you face and fight your challenges with routine and beauty.
I'm praying for you and your concerns.

Ann Marie

Lisa Richards said...

Yes, being a little older (a lot?) I agree that it's best to take one day at a time and to learn to lean completely on God. For me it has been hard giving up if I really had any in the first place, lol. As Jesus reminded us, can our worrying cause us to grow even an inch or live a second longer? It's really in His hands, and that can give us much peace if we let it. God bless!

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Ann Marie!!

Lisa, yes. I am still learning this learning to lean completely on God and to give up control. I am trying to learn to let it; fail and get back up, right? God bless you too!