Friday, April 29, 2016

Great and Holy Friday

Woke up with throat feeling unwell.
I thought it was not decreasing in swelling and was 
startled to see 2 new white patches.
We ended up missing the Royal Hours completely,
as I rested and then got ready to go to urgent care near our church.
THANKS BE TO GOD that the doctor said my throat is looking good
and that it is post nasal drip that is irritating it. 
We were able to go to the afternoon service.
We rested in the afternoon and went to the evening service!
I was so very glad to be able to go,
as I was not sure if I could or not,
earlier in the day.
The Lamentations Service at night is so beautiful. 
I hope to go to Saturday morning liturgy!
Here's hoping! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Holy Thursday ~ various and wonderful

I began reading Lynette's Hope just before
we began going to services at our far away church.
I did not sleep well at all last night,
and read about half of this book.
I was not able to go to the Thursday liturgy in the morning
and read a lot more of this book.
What beauty, what depth, what struggle!
It's a book that is more beautiful and deep than I could of
ever expected.  I should know better by now,
to expect depth in books that are promoted on
AFR... it's lovey.
And a book that is so current...
I found myself reading a section about seeing
the goodness of God in light of great suffering
and that God's will stems from His goodness.
Mr Husband and I went to a Middle Eastern Resturant for dinner
wtih some friends, was lovely.
We made it to the 12 Passion Gospels.
There is a candle lit for every Gospel read,
so 12 candles at the end.
In the middle of the service this happened:

Lenten temptation 2001: 

So we are at the long night 12 Gospel service. We had a cat sitter come to give Cleo her meds on time tonight. And she texts me, asking 'is it normal that Cleo foams blood out of her mouth?'... she had a white liquid med that she hates (it's bitter) and when she was bubbling it out, it the liquid was pink not white. We don't know if she bit herself (tongue, lip?), if (she is super hard to give meds too, thrashes all over) her mouth was scraped and bleed or if she has a small amount of internal bleeding.

GOOD NEWS is that 1. she had no blood after that 2
. She ate wet and dry cat food after this incident 
3. the cat sitter went back to check on her later and Cleo was fine (hiding but fine), no blood and purring. 

I will call the Vet tomorrow about it, told the cat sitter to not worry about the meds until she hears from me and am just not going to worry about something unknown at this point.


It's Holy Week.
There's always temptations.
I am hoping that I can go to 2 of the 3 services tomorrow.
My throat is still quite swollen.
I got some super strong throat lozenges that basically 
numb the throat.
I am doing my best to practice thankfulness.
I have a lot to be thankful for.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Holy Wednesday

Overall, considering my sickness esp,
a beautiful day.
I slept in, we managed to get Cleo her morning 2 meds,
Mr Husband did everything valiantly,
we drove up for the evening service and had our
beloved Munchkin with us for dinner and his Mom joined us
for the service.  It was a joy.
Over dinner there was a lot of talk of 'Star Wars' ;) 
The service of Unction includes 7 Gospel readings and 7 Epistle readings too,
it's lovely and beautiful. 
At the end of the last Gospel we all kneel under the Gospel book,
which our Priest holds over us all and reads the Gospel from.
Then he touches each of us with the Gospel.
The Munckin was right by me, underneath and said to me
this is so cool :)
And we are anointed with Holy Oil for healing.
The normal age for kids to start going to Confession is 7 years old.
I talked to the Munchkin about Confession again, and how
it is not scary and of the Prodigal Son and the Father who is looking for the Son,
waiting to forgive and embrace him.
His Mother had him go to Confession for the first time tonight.
I and Mr Uncle Husband prayed for him by the icon of St. Nicholas. :)
I hope and pray for the strenght for the services for tomorrow.
Thanking God for it all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Holy Tuesday

After going to the med clinic,
blogging that I have Strep Throat, 
Mr. Husband and I had lunch, I napped.
Popsicles, Chocolate Vegan Sorbet,
resting.  It rained pretty hard for a while.
Came on quickly, I heard people crying out because of getting wet
outside, as they ran for cover... 
Listened to first part of today's
Bridegroom Matins:

Cleo liked listening to it! :)

A FB / Ottawa friend sent me this beautiful rendition of
the Hymn of Cassia

It was a bit of a struggle getting Cleo to swallow her pill tonight,
the rest went pretty well.
I have asked many for prayer and am grateful for them.
I am hoping I sleep well tonight... my throat is still swollen but I 
am assured that I will start feeling better quite soon...
I hope so.
 Well, that is it for Holy Tuesday.

Prayer Request: Strep Throat

Bridegroom Matins was so beautiful last night.
I was feeling tired and my throat was a little sore.
By late last night/early morning I had the chills, was achy and 
my throat felt very swollen.
Yep. Strep Throat.  Very white inside mouth, swollen.
On antibiotics, will not be contagious by tomorrow, 11:15 AM.
I can't go to the service tonight, am contagious, doctor said stay home. :((((

Please pray for a quick recovery for me and ESP that my HUSBAND will NOT get sick also.
He's still weak from the flu.
And we have so much going on for Holy Week, including we hope still 
taking our beloved Munchkin to services and meeting with many people for meals.
It's our one chance to see people since we live so far from each other....

Thanks for the prayers!
Thank God that no matter what, 
His Holy Pascha is real, is coming and will last 
forever more!!! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Holy Monday

I woke twice, tired, aware of my Husband walking by and stopping
to bless me (with the sign of the Cross), twice.
He knew I would need it, as when I did awake and got up,
he told me that Cleo had a #1 incontinence issue in the bathroom,
outside box.
Called Vet. Could be a sign of her liver worsening.
Or something unrelated. Hard to know.
So morning sent scrubbing, cleaning, changing liter,
giving Cleo her two morning meds - basically a total fail there.
I wonder somehow if it is because Mr Husband is there at night,
that it goes better.
So trying to not shut down about Cleo's illness and clean.
My Husband's blessing is really comforting me during this day while he is at work.
I am listening to the Bridegroom Matins from 2014 at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwood City.
 It's a treat to hear +Fr. Thomas Hopko serve and read the Gospel. 
A mystery always, how one day a person is alive walking on the earth and then sickens and 
falls asleep in the Lord. But yet with technology, the voice, the body, it can all be seen as it was
once, captured on film... 
It's very good listening as I clean the house. Cleo is listening near by!

So much of this day seems to be about Cleo.
I was thrilled to see her washing herself today.  All healthy things.
A dear friend sent me this short homily.
If you need encouragement, just read this.
Here's a beautiful rendition of the main song of the Bridegroom Matins,
how it is so needed in our lives.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Palm Sunday to the first of the Bridegroom Matins

We stayed local and went to our nearby church.
We were able to rest.
I was rather shocked when I was making scones, happily thinking of just staying in,
having time to finish all the things,...
and Mr Husband said it would soon be time for church again.
I was in the middle of trying to bake the vegan scones, just about to add the liquid.
How could I, even for a second, forget that most beloved service,
the first of the 3 Bridegroom Matins that are all about
being aware, awake and prepared, watching for Christ to come.
My forgetfulness was really upsetting given what we are to be doing.
It's hard, being a Christian is hard.
Keeping everything together is hard. 
But God is merciful.
Cleo took her meds pretty good tonight, and we just keep trying.
We had some nice 'being time' today.
I was a bit meltdown like, thinking of all I need to do in the next days,
but got a good start.
Hard to believe that Holy Week has already begun!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lazarus Saturday ~ a joyous day!

What a beautiful day today!
We had a baptism of a dear man in our far-away Parish,
Liturgy after, and a celebratory meal.
I must say I almost teared up while the soon-to-be-baptised man was reciting
the Creed.... to see someone proclaim their faith in Christ is so deeply moving.


During or after the service, we can't remember,
I told Mr Subdeacon Husband, who was in a beautiful green vestment,
that he looked "too cute" and asked if he is "taken" 
(one of my daily jokes with him) and he said,
jokingly, "I'm too old for you" !!!
It was SO FUNNY. 
One of our friends, when I told them that Mr Husband said this,
said, Well, should'a thought of that before you married her! :) LOL 


Tonight we went to Vespers...
Date for mussles for dinner after.
Home after, so excited for Holy Week and
Palm Sunday tomorrow!


I've already got my Pascha baskets out,
to make sure I have everything we will need for this week!


Leaving you all with one of the most beautiful hymns,
full of the drama of what is to come, the beauty of it
and the great and deep HOPE.