Friday, April 08, 2016

Lent Day 26

I wanted to write something down before I forget:
On Wednesday night presanctified,
when the hymn
lt my prayer arise like incense
it was done in such a beautiful touching way.
The Music Director stood in front of the Cross and sang in English,
and then our main priest + a local retired priest, 
sang the response, sometimes in English and sometimes in Slavonic,
I think in a shared perhaps Carpatho-Russian tune, 
and their voices almost sounded like one voice,
to me the harmony of it was just beautiful.
Something beyond this world was touched in the singing and hearing of it.
One of the moments where you know that you have just
had one of the beautiful moments in your life that touches

It's a beautiful time for flowering trees.
We went to an evening service for the departed at our local church
and afterwards walked to the grocery store nearby for a few things. 
I managed to make my third green smoothie.
So Cleo is about 13 years old now and has been showing
increasing upsets and 'indiscretions' involving me cleaning with 
Lysol and paper towels, if you get my drift. 
It's becoming a more recurring problem when we go away.
I am not sure what can be done but going to the vet 
to get advice seems to be our next step.
It's concerning. 
We decided late in the afternoon that
we could not go to the monastery this weekend.
PA was to have 3-5 inches of snow and an over 2+ hour drive,
when it is good weather,
without proper snow tires did not seem wise.
Disappointing but how the cookie crumbled as they say.
We got the Gilbert Magazine yesterday and I read an 
article to Mr Husband about Mr. Adian Mackey.
It's a delightful article.
Here's two things on this esteemed gentleman that 
Mr. Husband forwarded to me. 
One of the things I love about our marriage
is how we share so many common interests and can talk
about them with such delight. 
Well, that's Lent day 26! 


Gretchen Joanna said...

I used to subscribe to Gilbert and have kept all my old issues.... but I am forever behind in my reading of magazines of any sort, and getting farther behind by the day! I'm glad you both appreciate that one and can read together :-)

E Helena E said...

Praying for Cleo and that the vet can determine what's wrong. Love & hugs.