Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Lent Day 24 ~ slow and steady

A quiet day,
spent mainly reading Elizabeth Goudge's 
The Dean's Watch.
Such wonderful reading.
Inspiring and really a map for living as a Christian,
while not at all 'preaching' about how one should live
but instead painting a picture of Christian life that is full of meaning 
and comforting us at the same moment.
So much there and so deeply comforting, 
I too find her works to be as near to a sacrament without 
actually being one!
I finished my veggie burger, even a bit too baked, it tasted good to me!
Plus my 2nd green smoothie!
At night I went to presanctifed liturgy,
very special and a woman (I don't know her well myself) was ill
and they thought unable to go to pilgrimage to the Holy Land
was better and plans on going, 
Mr Husband and I were so happy about this.
And that was Lent Day 24!

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The Dean's Watch is possibly Elizabeth Goudge's masterpiece, and certainly one of my Top Ten Most Loved books! And I love the Thomas quilt :-D