Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Holy Wednesday

Overall, considering my sickness esp,
a beautiful day.
I slept in, we managed to get Cleo her morning 2 meds,
Mr Husband did everything valiantly,
we drove up for the evening service and had our
beloved Munchkin with us for dinner and his Mom joined us
for the service.  It was a joy.
Over dinner there was a lot of talk of 'Star Wars' ;) 
The service of Unction includes 7 Gospel readings and 7 Epistle readings too,
it's lovely and beautiful. 
At the end of the last Gospel we all kneel under the Gospel book,
which our Priest holds over us all and reads the Gospel from.
Then he touches each of us with the Gospel.
The Munckin was right by me, underneath and said to me
this is so cool :)
And we are anointed with Holy Oil for healing.
The normal age for kids to start going to Confession is 7 years old.
I talked to the Munchkin about Confession again, and how
it is not scary and of the Prodigal Son and the Father who is looking for the Son,
waiting to forgive and embrace him.
His Mother had him go to Confession for the first time tonight.
I and Mr Uncle Husband prayed for him by the icon of St. Nicholas. :)
I hope and pray for the strenght for the services for tomorrow.
Thanking God for it all.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

God bless dear Munchkin!

Martha said...

Sushi!!!!! ♥ Your church looks beautiful. I hope Cleo and you are feeling better!

October Rose said...

How beautiful!! :)