Monday, April 11, 2016

Lent Day 29 ~ Cleaning and Cleo's Vet Adventures

I had hopes of baking Chocolate Chip Cookies 
for my personal Pascha tradition.
That did not happen.
But I did wash dishes, fill and empty when clean,
the dishwasher. 
So thankful for the dishwasher!
So. I totally got as much prepared as I could for Cleo's vet visit.
Shower, make-up, green smoothie had, huge protein lunch.
I took a banana and Trader Joe's Chocolate Almonds with me.
Cleo was dropped into the carrier as she refused to go in.
We cabbed the short distance to the vet and 
I found the vet very nice.
Asked lots of questions.
Was surprised at how old Cleo is, he had guessed 5,
nope 13.  
So Cleo only weighs just over 5lbs. My wondering over the last while
of if she was losing weight was confirmed.
The blood work was the hardest.
The Vet Aid, the Vet and myself were either holding Cleo down
or trying to get the blood.
They only got 1 of the 2 vials needed.
She meowed at first piteously and then angrily. 
Anyone who knows Cleo knows that as sweet as she can be,
she also can get angry when is normal.
And being jabbed with a needle would warrant that!
She also had an X-Ray, which I thought was really cool.
She was scared of it because of the having to be pinned down to 
not move again part but while I was not allowed in the small room,
I was right outside the open door talking to her.
When I put the cat carrier on the vet table and picked her up and put her by the door of 
the carrier, she walked right in, really fast.
Poor Cleo.
It was so hard to see blood (some smeared I think because she moved so many times)
and it was upsetting to both of us.
[I realize that Cleo is a Cat and not a human and how 
parents of kids deal with these things, it would be really hard].
Anyway, this is my story and my life and
Cleo is the only little creature here. 
So she's back home,
had her yummy wet food treat
and has pretty much been hanging out in the hall bathroom,
ironically where we have had to lock her in with food, blanket and her loo,
and is sitting in the cool bathtub.
I wonder if she is still sore.
I think she's a bit traumatized.
The Vet thinks that because of her weight loss that something IS wrong,
whether thyroid or diabetes or worse (cancer).
Sadly we have to go back on Sat for the second blood work. 
I will know some results on Wed and the rest DV on Monday after
the blood work.
And that's Lent day 29.


GretchenJoanna said...

I'm glad that's over with! Poor Kitty... and hard for Mom, too!! I hope you get the results back soon and can, God willing, get on with a remedy.

Paula said...

Poor Cleo. Kitty Cat hated going in her kennel too. I used to tip it up and sort of 'pour' her into it :) Hope you get good news.

Pom Pom said...

I hope there is a remedy for Cleo's condition.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Poor Cleo and poor you; it is hard to see our beloved pets unwell. Praying for better news soon.

T.J. said...

The hardest part with pets especially, is the waiting I believe. They can't talk and tell us what's wrong, so we must rely on human vets. No matter what the answers are after your waiting is over, I pray strength and peace be ahead for you and Cleo. As for pets vs. kids, I got both and I cry just as hard when having to make tough decisions for either of them! So within a basic, general application, our emotions can and will be equal- at least for me ;)

So good to hear from you, Elizabeth! Thanks for your heads up re my blog, I'll see what can be done.

steph said...

poor baby. hope your cleo news isn't bad.

karen said...

I'll be praying for Cleo. Going to the vet is so very stressful for me!! I hope you get good news and that all will be well for her.

Lisa said...

Five pounds! She's so fluffy it's not apparent. Poor kitty - I hope it's not too bad, whatever it is.

October Rose said...

Poor Cleo!! :( And poor you. That is rough. I hope that whatever is wrong is easy to treat.

God definitely gives us animals to be our companions and they have so much goodness in them. I still cry when I think of my childhood dog, Blue. He was such a PERSON, not theologically ... but in who he was to me.