Monday, April 18, 2016

Lent Day 36 ~ Cleo's problems may be more serious

{Picture from Ottawa,
in my beautiful apartment I had for 1 year.}

{First pictures of Cleo, from my C. St. Apartment, 
the first one I had with Cleo in Ottawa.}

{Picture from Mr. Husband and I's first apartment after we were married.}
I spent a while going through old pictures of my blog,
still have not found the picture of Cleo that I am looking for.
She's been my little companion, source of solace, laughter and delight for sometime now.
It seems that the problem Cleo has is in her liver.
The blood work showed all of it is elevated, though not as 
high as it could be, thankfully.
Her pancreas is being tested via the blood work that was already done.
We need more information before we know if we are doing further testing.
This is really hard for me.
It's an effort to do the things I need to do,
all I want to do is be with Cleo/look at Cleo pictures.
But it will be OK and we continue to hope for better...
In other news,
laundry got done, my house is more clean than it was,
things are slowly getting caught up, thank God.
I am about to begin on a late dinner.
It's warm and sunny today.
Cleo is eating dry cat food as I type,
chew, drop some of the food, pick up some more, chew and drop.
I know that Cleo will not live forever.
I still hope for more years. 
But I know.
And I know that I myself will not live forever.
This fascinates me. 
I think of it often, how we are walking on this earth,
this slowly whirling ball,
on top of the grass, the flowers, the snow, for a very 
very short time.
We help build or destroy our culture for the next 
people to walk on top,
we embrace or reject God.
How anyone can think that this amazing world is 
not made by SomeOne or SomeThing higher,
when they can only live for 100+ years at most
and most people will never be remembered,
to many of us and yet people think
themselves separate from God, from a Creator.
I think the only reason it seems unbelievable that we, esp. when
we are still young, can't imagine dying ourselves is that we
have an immortal soul, 
we are made for eternity.
God has written eternity in our hearts.
Lord have mercy on us and help us.
I am going to sign off now,
so I can make dinner and welcome 
Mr. Husband home.
Tomorrow will be colder again, last I heard, but
not as cold.
Spring is here. Summer is coming.
And even more,
Pascha is soon.
Christ, please meet us and bring us closer to you
on this most Holy of Days.


Emmie said...

I am so sorry to hear that your cat is not well. It is so very painful to watch your pet suffer. Thank you for your beautiful writing and the reminders of how quickly our time passes here.

Pom Pom said...

Prayers for Cleo. She's so sweet. I want a kitty. I'm working on my hubby.

Tracy said...

Oh, but I'm so very sorry about Cleo's health... :( Prayers and hopes she will be well yet! Our kitty Charlie had some troubles last year, and he was drinking constantly... We were worried it was feline diabetes. Long story short, and after tests, turned out to be kidneys. His results where high on the scale, so very scary... But we changed his food to a diet that formulated for kidney health and he's be doing a lot better, and we are hopefully he'll still be with us for a while longer yet. Anyway, sharing that in case it might be something to talk to your vet about, that maybe a change of diet can help. :) Cleo is such a GREAT BEAUTY--fun to see all the pictures.

It was lovely to see the comment you left for me at the weekend at my online place! I had wanted to email from the comment, but it indicated you as a no-reply... perhaps you will share you email another time. It would be nice to send you a note. :)

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about Cleo's news. Sending hugs and prayers

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Poor Cleo, and poor you. It is so hard when our beloved pets are poorly, and making decisions can be very hard indeed.
Keeping you all in my prayers, and sending much love xxxx

karen said...

I am still praying for cleo! the worst part is the not knowing and the imagining of what could be. Hang in there, get all the information and then you will know what medical interventions are available and what is best for cleo. If only if only they could live as long as humans do...hang in there!!

October Rose said...

Prayers. It must be so hard knowing there's something wrong but not what yet.

Lisa said...

Oh, I hope Cleo can recover from this, whatever it is! What is her age? (Dolly will be 13 on Friday!) You put it well about our sojourn on this planet.

E Helena E said...

Continuing in prayer for you all, and for wisdom and answers. It's very hard when our beloved cats are in decline.

Zena said...

Oh poor little Leo. He is so dear to you and so adorable. I too have to watch my liver to combat my health issue! I enjoy your reflections and realisations. You are a very thoughtful and spiritual person.