Friday, April 15, 2016

Lent Day 33 ~ sunny, quiet, Akathist at night

 A quiet day.
Cleo, Mr. Husband and I spent the day time at home,
Cleo being a cat,
Husband working 
and I doing various things.
I got a lovely card in the mail! 
I made a green vegan smoothie for Mr Husband and I...
We went to the Akathist at night, I forgot my phone
and so no church pictures.
While we had groceries delivered, we realized
I had forgotten avocados so we went to the local store in 
walking distance from the church, I went in while Mr Husband stayed in the car.
Got some nice
hearty bread for Mr. Husband as well as some 
strawberries to make our favourite fruit salad. 
The food was bring rung up when I realized that with 
not having my phone, I also did not have my
credit cards and so quickly, after explaining to the woman at the counter,
dashed out to the car to get Mr Husband's!
And so it all worked out well and we are well rationed for the coming week!
And that was Lent Day 33.

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