Monday, April 04, 2016

Lent Day 22 ~ final celebration of Mr Husband's birthday

We like to spread out birthday celebrations to last days 
here at our house....
today I finally was able to bake Mr. Husband's cake
and gave him his present...
an handmade one, the lovely Cross-Stitched Narnian quotation! 
Made by my love friend Nicole who has an Etsy account,
with the pattern for this lovely price here,
of which she can also custom make if you want! :) 
I was so excited to give this to Mr Husband,
as we love Narnia and he used a Narnian quotation for
his marriage proposal to me....very special!!! 
The cake I made was a cross between the normal birthday cake
I made for him and the St. Nicholas Cakes.
I was still tired today and it was easier to do the St. Nicolas Cake 
Mr. Husband liked it! as did I!!!
The card with the 'book of romance' is a card I have had for years,
since 2005, when I went to the Osborne Museum of Children's Lit...
the book was edited by Andrew Lang...
I had, of course, not known Mr Husband back then but it was the 
perfect card for him! :)
For our dinner, we went again to our favourite diner,
in part because we are still recovering from being so ill with the flu
and we like it there too. 
I got a veggie burger and fries!
I am enjoying the book by Donald Sheehan and have found myself
lead right to the homilies of St. Issac the Syrian, who both
Scott Cairns and now Donald Sheehan seem to love.
so I went and found our copy...
I've just been reading the first homily but am surprised at how
lucid it is...though I should not of, still, it did, the clarity is just beautiful. 
I re-read some of Jane's poems from her last complication, Otherwise
and have been enjoying her finely crafted words...
It's funny what we tell and do not tell others, 
without even realizing it...
Somehow Mr Husband did not know that I took 
3 semesters of creative writing in my undergraduate years...,
yes, I too wanted to write. 
I have not forgotten this, but do not yet have the time or ability to 
prioritize this but I have not forgotten.
We also talked about making of bread and I may be trying to bake
bread again, but not quiet yet...
Well, that is Lent day 22, I am thankful...Mr. Husband was able to go 
back to the office, I got some things done around the house
and we had a nice end of his birthday celebration of 4 days :)


Tia said...

Happy Birthday to him and may he have many more happy, healthy and blessed years!
And I have to say, that veggie burger pic makes me want to visit my local diner. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Yet another prayer for birthday blessings upon Mr Husband!
And what lovely photos of dear Cleo <3

Paula said...

What a lovely birthday! Many, many wishes for many more birthdays :) The cake looks delicious.

Nancy McCarroll said...

What a special week for the husband, and very special gifts. You are very thoughtful.

Your cake looks yummy.

karen said...

I like the idea of spreading out a birthday :) your cake looks delicious and the book mark is so personalized! lovely lovely gift :)