Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lent Day 30 ~ a friend for tea, sewing and Cleo

A friend is coming to tea today.
I have been meaning to mention...
it was interesting also as a peak into the culture of 
Catholic Mothers and the general struggles that
many mothers, esp. of big families, have. 
My Mom gave me this very cute graduation mug.
It has a crack now on the inside and outside,
so it has been 'retired' but I took these pictures to
remember it and my Mom's kindness in seeing it
and getting it for me.
It was a graduation gift for my
Masters in Library and Information Science,
along with a set of Dutch dessert spoons and forks
that are sweetly called 'Elizabeth'.
Ascetic Homilies of St. Issac are found
more inexpensively here
and free here!
Under a different title:
Very Neat!
Now everyone can read this if they so desire! 
thanks again Gretchen Joanna! :)
Now I must get the kettle on, and God Willing write
the rest of this post later on today.
[Now that the day is done I can write more]
I have kept my Annunciation Icon up, even though the
Feast is over.
It's from my godmother and is just so comforting,
the Lord's will,
"be it as you say."
This day ended up being a sunny one.
My friend and I had tea and chocolate
and lunch together.
I made another green smoothie, it's becoming a habit :)
And I learned how quilt so I don't have so many loose threads when I am done.
I got one whole panel done of my godson's quilt!
I am really seeing how much weight Cleo has lost.
I wonder if she is still losing weight,
I can feel her shoulder bones, her spine, she's really thin now
under all that fur.
She's taken to being in the hall bathroom bathtub for much of the day,
I coax her out with special treats.
She is clearly or has been quite worried/traumatized as I found
a scab, about a centimetre in circumference, under her chin.
She must of scratched it open yesterday :(
I am gaining in concern about her having more blood work on Saturday.
If something conclusive is found tomorrow, I am planning on 
asking if the second blood work with additional tests is needed.
Mr. Husband and I are really feeling that it is towards the end of Great Lent.
I am hoping to bake chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.
I have been doing Pascha and these cookies for a few years now...
here's when I made them in 2011, but I think I had been baking them for probably
2 years before that.... 
so at least 7 years now! 
I finally got out to take a good walk today,
after dinner with Mr. Husband.
It was nice to get out.
Well, that's Lent Day 30!


October Rose said...

That is one of my favorite podcasts! They have so much fun together. :) I haven't listened to the episode with Ginny yet though.

I really hope that you find answers for Cleo without having to take more bloodwork!!

Tia said...

Poor Cleo. :( I hope she doesn't need the additional bloodwork.